Thursday, June 3, 2010

Went to a Vintage Paper Faire and came back with Bottles!

Two Sundays ago I went to the Vintage Paper Fair in Glendale, Ca. It was quite overwhelming! I saw vintage magazines, photos, maps, letters, and die cuts. The majority of the items for sale were boxes and boxes and boxes of postcards. There were people just sitting at the tables flashing through thousands of cards looking for those gems. Several table had cards for 1.00, but most of the cards I wanted were in the $15 to $20 range. I really loved the old Barnum and Bailey Circus cards like this one above. But the real find was when I came to this table of vintage letters. She had this group of vintage bottles behind a stack of letters. I was looking at them and the prices were pretty reasonable. She said, "give me a price and I'll sell you all of them, I am tired of carrying them around!" I was sure her price would be out of my range, but it wasn't. I am not going to even tell you how much I got them for, it was such a steal!! I did research them after I got them home, and none of them is significantly expensive, no "diamonds" in the rough, but they are diamonds to me. I am going to decorate a few and take the rest to my next show to sell.  That's part of one of my "flea market" strategies, If I am looking for say vintage jewelry, I don't go to the vintage jewelry places, I go to the guy selling fishing rods and if he happens to have some vintage jewelry lying around... that's where the deals are! Oh and that reminds me I found some REAL vintage silver tinsel garland, not Bethany Lowe vintage style garland, but the real deal! Of course from a lady selling ceramics!
I really loved learning about these bottles and am ordering this book from Amazon:


  1. Cool find! Can't wait to see the decorated ones! :)

  2. Love the old bottles! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Denise, the blog is looking mahvelous dahling. and lucky find with the bottles.
    Are you going to the soldering event in S.D.?
    it looks fun.

  4. Yes Linda , I am going. Have been dying to learn to sodler, not neccesarily for jewelry, but for my mixed media and altered pieces. I have been using my hubbys stuff and have been HUGELY unsuccessful! So hopefully I will learn the right equipment and materials.

  5. Isn't it great when you score such a great find and especially when it's so!

    Sandy xox