Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bathroom before and after! In My Blue Bathroom!

Yes, it's finally done, well it was done a while ago but today the planets aligned and it was clean and I was in the mood to take pictures. I am so proud of the job my husband did on this. So much of what he did you can't see. He took this thing down to the studs and redid it. New wiring, lighting, and plumbing. Not to mention dealing with a 1941 lathe and plaster house. The worst part he said was jackhammering out the two layers of tile on the floor, then building the entire floor back up. Gee all I had to do was come in and make it look pretty! Suprisingly there were not very many fights, we are pretty good at compromising- the big issue was over my mirror. I love my 1970's vintage mirror I found at LB Flea, but it was too big. I demanded everything be returned, exchanged and removed to accomodate my mirror! He said he was not remodeling a bathroom around a mirror. Little did he know!  I did have to give up the cool sculpted original mirror and had to go and have a smaller rectangular one cut and beveled- but it was the gilded corners I loved, so we just swapped them onto the new mirror ond voila! So here it is!

{yes I am missing a glass knob and got lectured on buying more than I need, always!}

{The glass knobs looked great on this otherwise modern looking vanity}

{a mans castle! I love the little basket I found at TPT Home}

{we are going to add another hook on the bottom and maybe one right outside the shower. I didn't want any towel bars..I don't know why- I just like the clean look without them}

{My wall done in IKEA picture frames and Vintage Rollerskating Photos}

{Ahhh my glorious mirror- I wish you could have seen it with its original mirror, it had a scalloped edge. I still have it, so maybe for another part of the house!}

{This tile came all the way from Australia, again was the only one we could agree on. They were like 20 bucks a tile, and that a lot for my cheap ass!}

{our new shower, it actually has water pressure so I can rinse my hair!}

{his and hers soap dishes}

{my faucet and marble top}

{how friggin cute is my little vintage skate up there!?}

{I also love Vespas and could not pass up this aluminum one at TPT Home..what does it have to do with my bathroom or skating? Who cares i LOVE it!}

{This just makes me smile. I love this bathroom and now it will be really hard if we ever move leaving this behind!}
Thanks Daddy! (<----Tyler Hahn)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Jewelry Project and Tutorial on Graphic 45 today!

Birdsong is my favorite new Graphic 45 collection, so I just had to make some jewelry with it! Pop over to the G45 blog today to check it out~