Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Birthday Memories

This is one of my favorite childhood pictures, I am not sure who's birthday it was. We used to play pin the tail on the donkey, I would love to find a vintage one of those again! I am wearing one of my favorite blue gingham dresses, and of course today as I turn 41 years old, I still wear my hair in pigtails. (Only I need to find some of those doodle ribbons!) In this picture also is my sister Michelle (center) and my terror of a little brother Paul to the right! My Birthday brings me such mixed emotions as it's always near Fathers Day. My dad passed away from Lung Cancer in 1992 and I always miss him so much during this time. Thanks you everyone for the Facebook Birthday wishes! Not doing anything special today, just taking some time off work for a Doctors Appointment and a visit to see my Mom.  Then this weekend I am taking a soldering class in San Diego, and probably at some point go to Ruths Chris for dinner!


  1. Have a very Happy Birthday!! Hope you get spoilt rotten :D

  2. Happy belated birthday!! I would have thought you were the girl in the middle! I saw the donkey game at an antique store a while ago and I think you can find newer versions at the party store. I class and dinner at Ruth's Chris- is the perfect way to celebrate!