Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glitterfest 2011 Photos

Once again Glitterfest was an amazing show. Thanks to Dianne and Cheryl from Whimzy for hosting this spectacular event. It was so great to see new faces and old friends. Glitterfest is hard work though and the energy that goes into it it makes me totally exhausted! So here I am today my first "real" day off since the event and my craft room{s} are once again a disaster. Luckily my Mom is coming over to help recover from Craftageddon. Here are some pics of my booth from the show. Other vendors just loved my chicken wire arch I made, I gave out the recipe to several ladies!

{my top saleslady!-Mom}

{my booth}

{the chicken wire arch, great for hanging things!}

{my kits}

{my jewelry}

{vintage button bracelets}

{skelly girls sold out too!}

{my collage house kits}

{my beeswax collages}

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Glitterfest is here!

Glitterfest info click here!

If you have never attended Glitterfest, now is your chance! This is an amazing mixed media art event and you will find everything from original art works, jewelry, to clothing and even supplies. I of course will be vending and have a lot of artwork, jewelry and some amazing kits. Glitterfest is famous for it's crowds! There is always a line around the block to get in. SO here is my advice- if you are cool with the hustle bustle of crowds and want THE best picks of the day-get there early. If you are okay not getting the MOST amazing pieces, get there an hour or two after they open...but again a lot of the coolest goodies might be gone... but then again, still a lot of amazing stuff left. I can't wait not only to sell and meet everyone, but to BUY! So hope to see you there, click on the pic above for all of the info!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Craft for a Cure Event Photos

First and foremost I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all of my friends new and old who supported this fundraising event. From the decorations to the food and amazing projects, everything was donated. Thank you to Tara Wilson and Karin Smolinski for donating all of the supplies and kits for your projects. Thanks to Blanca Paredes, Andrea Villareal and Julie Gordon Weller for the food and desserts. Kim Caldwell, Tara Wislon, and Andrea Villareal for their guest goodies. And to Jenny Doh, Kim Caldwell, Holly Stinett, LuLu Kellogg, Tara Wilson, Nan Trujillo, Paper Tales, Karin Aguirre Smolinski, Cheryl Stoneham, Sharon Hughes, and Teresa Penrose. I hope I didn't miss anyone! Also thanks to my Mom for letting me take over her home for 3 days. Here are the pics, it was so much fun and we raised $1875 for Breast Cancer research and prevention. To read about where the money goes please read this press release!
And I also want to thank everyone who attended including three dear friends who came all the way from Arizona-
Colleen Jew
Sherry Bamsey
Annette Dutson Schwab
and my local gals:
Kim Caldwell
Cheryl Stoneham
Terry Frias
Kimberly Neilson
Andrea Villareal
Ruby Walker
Priscilla Cerda
Julie Gordon Weller
Denise Hahn
Diane Maxfield
Blanca Paredes
Tara Wilson
Karin Smolinski
Marilyn Goodman 

Thanks again ladies and we hope to have everyone back next year and more.....

{little table yummies-some of the girls used the skulls in their cake projects! I love it when that happens!}

{my handwired dress forms, I used as center pieces will be for sale at Glitterfest}

{I added some factoids about breast cancer and hang them from each dress form}

{Julie Me and Terry}

{my Moms house was the perfect backdrop}

{Karins cake kits}

{all three projects, cake, earrings and skelly girl}

{hard at work}

{Glittering outside}

{Taras Skelly girl}

{Priscillas skelly girl}


{Andreas amazing salad, the balsamic she uses is to die for}

{lunch time}

{me and Ruby- look at the necklace she is wearing, her own creation! Beautiful}

{cakes a bakin'}

{glittery fun}

{me and my etsy team member Marilyn}

{Julies amazing cupcakes!}

{Annette having some fun}

{Andrea deep in thought about her earrings}

{Priscilla love her skelly!}

Me and Blanca my Assistant from work. So glad we got to spend the day together away from our usually stress filled enviorment!}
-Hope to see everyone back next year!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jewelry Affaire 2011 is on the stands!

I am so honored to have some of my jewelry pieces published in the Fall Jewelry Affaire. I didn't have a chance to scan the pages so if you happen to be in Michales or Joanns pick up a copy. This issue is filled with inspiring ideas from so many wonderful artists, it's a must see!