Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Craft Wells have run dry!

{some new jewelry I have been working on using appliques}

Yes, the day has come. Most of you who know me, know that my little craft business is self perpetuating. That is; I craft, so that I may craft. And I have let the well run a little dry so it's time to get back on the ball, have some classes and maybe even spark up the etsy shop! So what have I been spending my moolah on? Well in June I will be attending an Artistic Affaire. Not one of Kim's normal spectacular over the top events, but a more intimate technique driven affaire (I am sure there will be some over-the-top-ness from Kim though... I know better!). I believe there are still a few spots left for Kim's Affaire "Color my World" featuring artist Lisa Kaus. I am also attending a Journaling workshop with Pam Garrison at Jenny Dohs home, here is the info but I am afraid this one is sold out!
In the meantime, I am very busy working on pieces to sell for Glitterfest fall. Some wonderful Halloween and Christmas themed birdcages, some jewelry, banners, soldered houses, shabby jewelry boxes, and some amazing handwired dress forms-these are going be great! I am learning to weld with Tylers MIG welder to make them, this should be fun! That's all for now!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Class Announcement- Collage Made Easy!

It's collage time at In My Blue Room! Collage can be intimidating at first, and this class will give you some basic tools and ideas to get you started. From concept, to layering, and what products and materials to use. This class is being offered for only $35 and all materials, beverages and a snack are included. Class will be held at the wonderful shop Bella Cosa Boutique in Long Beach. You will get to choose your design, either "Nurture" or "Sweet Life". You will also have the chance to choose all of your own colors and embellishments, no ones project will look the same, and they will be of your own creation! There are only 6 spots so reserve your place soon(click on the sidebar link)!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from the Hahns

{look closely at this rare moment, Tyler smiling for a picture}

Today we are spending the day with our family Me, Tyler, Juno and Pippi. We decided to make a trip to the Long Beach Dog Zone. We didn't let the weather deter us. It was Pippis first trip to the beach and she absolutely freaked out when she started walking on the sand! Juno loves the beach and ran straight for the water. Even though it was rainy and foggy it was still a beautiful day for us. Later we are going to my Moms for dinner. Hope you all are spending your holidays with your families whatever they may be composed of...

{this says it all about Pippi, lively and playful}

{Pippi has the double jointed thing going on, so cute how she turns out her front leg}

{a boy and his dog}

{Juno also smiling for her picture}

{wiped out from running in the tide}

{rainy but beautiful all the same}

Friday, April 22, 2011

Class Photos-Belt Buckle Bling!

So I am always sooo worried that I will forget some vital supply for my classes, but this time I had it all.....except my camera that is. So I have NO good pics of class, however I do have some great DroidPro photos.....yeah I know, wah wah wahhhhhh. Here they are. The class went great, everyones personality came out in their projects and I got great feedback from the students. Andrea is always the best hostess, she made two amazing Mac and Cheeses and her home is impeccably decorated, thanks Andrea!
I will be having another class in June at Whimzy, details to follow!

Thats all for now, off to work I go!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm ready for My Close up-Xyron Infomercial Debuts!

It seemed to be serendipity when I emailed my friend Karin Smolinski Aguirre to ask her if she would donate her time and talents for my Craft for a Cure event, and she said, OMG do you want to be in an Infomercial for the Xyron Creatopia? She told me it shoots on a Thursday (my regular day off) and you get a free machine with all the goodies! Heck yeah I am in! Here are the pics, it was so much fun, we felt like princesses for a day, having our hair done, getting our clothes picked out. Of course my hair and makeup was soooo far from my personal style, but it wasn't the "Denisetopia" machine, so I just sat back and enjoyed. Here are some pics, I have to run to work!
{Karin and her goodies, please pop over to karins blog where you can see more of her amazing creations at Creative Chaos}

{my samples}


{Karin pre make up}

{me pre make up}

{Karin after}

{getting my hair done}

{me after with the make up artist, she did my all of our eyebrows for us, and believe me mine were a mess. So bad that she took before and after pics of mine!}

{backstage monitors}

{the crew}

{the set}

{our projects....}

{me karin and gail. Karins friend Gail was so sweet and funny I can see why they have been friends for many many years}

{Karins closeup}

Well all in all it was a lot of fun., If you want to see us this Infomercial started playing Nationally. Today (4/12) It will be on the Food Network at 7am pacific time so tune in and watch us craft!!