Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cornellian Thoughts

A few weeks back I purchased an amazing lot of vintage watch pieces. They came in these tiny 1x1 inch boxes. I think I fell in love with the tiny boxes as much as I did with the watch parts. After carefully excavating my find and pulling out the pieces that appealed to me, I was left with several empty boxes. I immediately knew I wanted to glue them together, print out a picture and make a box mosaic of sorts. I was very pleased with what I came up with. And as usual I take my creations the Vintage Emporium, for owner Julies' opinions and approvals. She loved them and said, "Oh that reminds me I got you a book and keep forgetting to give it to you!" She then handed me this book about Joseph Cornell. Cornell was an American artist and sculptor and was one of the pioneers and most celebrated exponents of assemblage art. Reading this book made me really think about what influences me as an artist. And truthfully, it's other peoples art! It is all visual for me, "I like those colors, or I like those images, or I like those things!"  This book has inspired me to think about certain colors, images, items, and what feeling they evoke in me, and THEN putting those things together in a piece that say's something about me. Now will I still just make things that visually tickle my fancy? Of course! But I think that the pieces that I make for myself will start to become more personal, more indicative of myself and my personality. Thank you for this wonderful book Julie.

{bathing beauties has some of my favorite pieces in it. I vintage blue rhinestone button found at the flea market. A seashell and piece of sea glass I picked up off a tiny island in Thailand. And a few buttons from a jar of vintage buttons Julie gave me}

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Class Announcement

I am so happy to be offering another Class at the Vintage Emporium in June. The class will be a very cute Vintage style Mini Banner that says "Beach". This class is for everyone from beginners to advanced crafters. It includes all supplies, all you need to do is show up! As always I will be bringing some delicious wine to taste, and then there's shopping at the Vintage. Class size is very limited so sign up soon here or go directly to the vintage!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Glitterfest 2010

Glitterfest is a mixed media art show and sale held in Santa Ana, Ca.  I first attended in the fall of last year and saw some amazing and inspiring Halloween altered art and jewelry. This spring Glitterfest brought amazing florals, bright colors, and sea inspired work. Not only do I leave with empty pockets, but also with tons of inspiration form the amazing work I see. Here is a little sample of some of my favorites
Terry Hales amazing sock monkeys!
I just fell in love with this cow and still don't know why I didn't buy it! Christy Silacci's amazing animals are so clever; the details, the materials and textures. You can just keep looking at them and finding new things. Find her at
Lisa Loria form Vintage Bling offered up some of the most creative pieces. Her doll head pieces are amazing. She also made these amazing clothes pin "helping hands"! So creative. Stop by her Vintage Bling blog to see some better pictures of these adorable hands. I love how they have bling! 
at first i was a little creeped out, but then fell in love!
I forgot what Lisa called these, but they are to hang your own vintage bling on!
This beautiful crown was created by Lori Gutierrez, this lady is the real deal an amazing artist, I thought I got more pictures of her work but probably didn't due to the crowds at her table!

just awesome
okay the owner of this amazing shell art did not have any cards left, so just enjoy this amazing work, and if you know who this is please email me so I can give credit for the creative and whimsical use of these sea shells!
This amazing layer cake is from Michelle Legler of the detail in her pieces is amazing and they looked like they were selling like hotcakes!
of course those sales we possibly due to the magnetic personality of the lovely Maija Lepore. Maija (left) and Michelle were out from Arizona to help celebrate the launch of Jenny Doh's website
okay heelllloooo, I had to wait in line to get to this table but it was well worth it! Randy Jones does graphic design and printing, but also is a collector of fun vintage findings. I got some bottle caps, letter tiles, and some very cool fish playing cards. 
ooohhhh, ahhhhhhhh
this was my loaf pan o' goodies! Check out Randys blog for more of his booth and eye candy.
And The Shabby Red Door had such yummy creations, it was like being in a candy store! I loved her little mermaid shadow boxes, she puts me to shame!
I wish my pictures came out better of this impressive artists work. Sue Smith makes the most amazing shadow boxes and dimensional art. Sue you need to start blogging! I don't have a site to link to but I found some of her stuff and a nice picture here!
And these blingy vintage hair pieces are from none other then the talented Christine Rose Elle from Dollybelles Peepshow. Christine seems to be good at just everything from sewing to fine art, to mixed media, to graphic design...shall I continue???
all of that and amazing personal style! 
I was really looking forward to seeing some of Ivas Creations. I don't think she has made on piece that I didn't just fall in love with.  
This is one of Ivas pieces that is made from a light kit and a quaker oatmeal container. Iva teaches at Guilding the Lily in Fullerton, ca, be sure to check their site for her next class.

Here are me and Mom, I treated her to this day as a belated mothers day gift. I got her one of Dollybelles wristlet kits, and she is already working away at it. We also headed to the Vintage Paper Faire in Glendale, more on that later. (I love how this  picture makes me look like I have a flower halo!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Employer Superstar Award

Work has really been challenging lately, and it always renews the spirit when given recognition for something that you are passionate about. Last week my spirit was renewed when I received an award for Employer Superstar for employing adults with special needs. It was personally give to me by Senator Lou Correa. Although it is always great to get awards, the true reward is working everyday with these special people. I think at times employers can get frustrated about what special employees can't do. I try to capitalize on what they can do. Find their niche and let them run with it. Every once in a while I will challenge them with a new task. Sometimes they are not able to do it, but sometimes they surprise me and are hugely successful. Then they have a new job they can work on! Here are just a few of my very special employees: From the top is Geoffrey, he has worked with me for almost 3 years. Next is Evan and his amazingly patient job coach Justin. Most of these employees would not be able to be employed if it were not for their tireless job coaches. They bring them to work and help them do all of their tasks. Evan and I argue once in a while about dumping my trash. I don't let him take it if it's empty, but he insits that he dumps it. Then I have to tell him "I am the Boss" to which he replies, "No I AM THE BOSS". This will go on for 10 or so rounds, and he will eventually give up. Next is Tanya, she is the best restroom attendant I have ever had. Every day she comes in make sure everything is cleaned and stocked. I love how she gets so concerned when we are running low on supplies, maybe I will teach her to order them someday. Lastly is Justin, he is so outgoing! Maybe a little too outgoing! He is a talker, but also very good with computers and technical things. I am hoping at some point I can train him to monitor the self checkout station, but that also invloes major social skills because you have to deal with customers, so we will see. I have so many more wonderful employees, there is just not enough room to mention!
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This banner is a very collaborative piece. I created it to sell at the upcoming Vendor Fair at Artistic Affaire Les Sirenes. I was so inspired by the hand dyed silk ribbon created custom for me by my friend Becke at OceanAvenueSilks. Becke is a very talented silk painter and her scarves are beautiful.  I did however,  steal the idea from another etsy friend, jewelry artist Nan of Nansglam, check out these awesome necklaces Nan made with Becke's ribbons! Speaking of Nan, she is the "other" part of this collaborative piece, she taught me to wire wrap. BUT DON"T look too closely! I am a total beginner at wire wrapping and they are sooo not perfect! The wonderful images I used are from Graphic 45, my FAVORITE paper to create with. I just got my order in from their Boardwalk series and can't wait to get started making more goodies!
Thanks for looking- Denise

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Brie Box Altered Art- Soulac Du Mer

I just fell in love with this vintage image of a Parisian vacation spot Soulac Sur Mer. This altered brie box has a mix of modern embellishments and thrift store finds. See the picture captions for more info... I will be selling the brie box "starter" kits (a brie box, vintage clip art, trim and instructions) at Les Affaires Sirenes in July.
{I painted the base cream, then crackle medium and a then seafoam green acrylic paint}

{this sweet little guy was in the basket-o-keychains that sits at the checkout of my favorite thrift store in Long Beach}
{the hanger tie for this piece was from a vintage necklace also found at the thrift store, I loved the green velvet!}

{I used gold embossing on the outer rim, and glossy gel medium for the Soulac label. Other embellishments are a paper flower and vintage plastic rhinestone button}

{inside I sparkle up the edge with a glittery iridescent gold glitter, a piece of glitter twig from Fabric Barn in Long Beach}

my little brie box in all her glory. 
-Thanks for looking Denise

Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's been a while since I have made any of my mini recycled coaster albums, but in preparations for vending at Artistic Affaire Les Sirenes, I decided to make one and then create a kit to sell. I have a little bit of a different approach to kits though. I am calling them Inspiration Kits, and they will include just the basics; the images, a few ribbons, a few embellishments and instructions.  The rest is up to the artist! I mean we all have tons of little bits and pieces just dyeing to be used, and my kits will be perfect for those who take a kit to the next level anyway!
{i loved this vintage image}
{i don't know why burlap says "beach"}
Thanks for looking- Denise