Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finding Found Objects

{I love gumball machine containers, I have some ideas for these!}

Although I have resisted for such a long time, I think its time I confessed that I love making jewelry. Believe it or not, I have found there to be a lot of similarities between paper crafting, altered art and jewelry making. From paper crafting I use my knowledge of layering, depth and color mix. From altered art I use the juxtaposition of objects, composition and perspective. Put that altogether and you can just hang it on a chain and wear it! The hard part about jewelry making is that its very hard to be original. It seems that no matter what idea you have, somehow somewhere someone has done it, or something similar. But one thing for sure is that my personal style has come out the most in my jewelry. I love big, chunky, industrial, mixed metals paired with sparkly crystals and found objects. And speaking of found objects, even though I am suffering from a serious back problem right now, I decided to get out of the house I have been closed up in for three days now, and head to LB Flea and find some goodies.
     So what do you look for and how do you find it amongst the hippy clothes, old tools and junk? Well here are some tips and tricks for navigating the flea and finding those sweet surprises.

#1- don't narrow your focus too much, the minute you start looking for "dragonflys" you will not a find a single one! Try focusing on a size of object, say no more than 2 inches high.
{I was looking for some small perfume bottles and was not disappointed for once, usually what I am looking for I NEVER find}

#2- Open boxes, jewelry boxes, tins, shoe boxes, I always find hidden treasures away from the naked eye.
{OMG, I love this tiny metal sewing machine, I found this in a sewing box with a bunch of old thread}

#3- Display case theories! If I see a vendor that has, say one display case and everything else out...I stay away from the case, as they are obviously pricier items. However if everything the vendor has is under a case they probably do that for ease of set up and storage... I usually find that the items in those cases are more reasonably priced. This is only a theory, but I found it to be true!
{found these under a display case, I love the eyes that are beads on the owl}

#4- Ziplock bags, oh boy do I love a good ziplock bag full of junk! Usually they are priced to sell. Not all of the items might suit you, but if you would pay what you did for even one of the items in the bag, you got your moneys worth!
{seriously, found these little barbie ballet slippers in a ziplock bag for $5. I just wanted these so I gave the rest of the bag back}

#5- Bargaining at the "catch all" box, some vendors have a sign that says everything this box, table ect is $1. I usually pick out 6-7 and then offer $5, they usually take it.
{keys are cool, but keys on tags are a buy!}

{here was a dollar table selection, I got 7 pieces but got her down to $5. I will be putting these inside some of my wire wrapped globes....oh did I tell you I submitted those for publication to Jewelry Affaire? Can't wait to see if they get published!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vintage Pill Tin Necklaces

Okay so I have a little ebay issue. I like to get things in the mail, I like to track my treasures as they saunter across the country. I like to rush to the front door with sweet anticipation, and lastly, tear open the package like its Christmas morning. Who needs drugs when you have Fedex? However, I do watch "Hoarders" and have set some boundaries in place so that things don't get out of control. One of those boundaries I have set for myself is when I buy a lot of an item with the intention of making something out of it, I MUST make that something, BEFORE I buy more. Case in point; I was at Rosebowl Flea and saw these little medicine tins and fell in love. He wanted too much for his ($12 for one pill tin?) and I thought...EBAY! And sure enough the bidding began and soon I became obsessed with bidding on and researching little tins! I finally scored some and when they came, they were all I had hoped for! And now I want more! But alas, my own little "boundary" came into play, I must make something with the ones I have. So today I did just that. Here are my results. I just loved making these, they are like little altered art pieces on a necklace. 
{by far my favorite }

{I used Tylers dremel to drill the holes}

{I got to use some buttons too!}

{this little bicycle one is my favorite, wait I said that already! Okay my second favorite!}

{i put some little vintage bicycle paper inside}

I have 3 more tins to go but ran out of chain. These were a lot of fun to make. I am thinking this could even be a workshop. But you have to bring your own tin, there's no way I am parting with mine! LOL!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Terri Brush Soldering Workshop

{me and my sweet tablemate Melissa)
I decided last minute to go to Terri Brushes soldering workshop at the lovely home of Joy Campbell. Although I have really mastered the art of soldering (well at least mastered my style) I really wanted to go to see my girlfriends. I ended up sitting at a different table, but it didn't matter because I still got to catch up with the girls and meet a few new friends. I especially enjoyed sitting next to Melissa, we have a common love of skulls and crossbones. Anyway, just got back from roller skating with my hubby again, but want to at least post the here they are:


{andreas bottles)

{Joys Piece}


{my little bitters bottle-soon to be on a ball chain}

{my halloween piece)

{this one is for my Mom}

{made this little guy last minute, but love how it come out, it's open in the back for a little flower bud or some paintbrushes or pencils)
-No matter how much you solder you always learn great tips and tricks from Terri. I highly recommend her workshops check her out here:

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Formerly known as; Mom

I was a Mom, once. I know everyone is going to say, you will always be a Mom. But when I think of what a Mom is, I only qualified for about 11 years. I met Gil when I was 22 years old and was instantly thrust into his life full force. We were in "I can't spend one minute without you" love. Only this "love" came with two little children. Marilyn 19 months and Tyler 2 almost 3 years old. I liked the kids, but tried to stay away at first. But after a while it was doubtless that Gil and I were serious and headed toward marriage. Gils family was not all the happy about this girl coming into their lives and at first were resistant. They quit babysitting for us, so we were forced to move in together and that started my instant family. Nurturing came very easy for me. I fell in love with Tyler and Marilyn and a few years later Gil and I finally got married and it was official. Now although I loved them right away, it took them a while to come to me. I will never forget the first time I was called Mom. It was Marilyn waking me up in the morning, she said, "mommy, mommy, your're my mommy". I just scooped her into bed with me and held her tight. Tyler didn't come a long so easily... you see he remembered his birth Mom. She left Gil for another guy, and at first wanted custody, but gradually just left the picture altogether.  Tyler finally caved in after throwing at fit at the grocery store. I dragged him screaming out to the car and he just burst into tears and called me Mommy. For 11 years I loved being a Mom, but I was very unhappy in my marriage. I think this was one of those situations where both people have different expectations about what it is to be married. I stayed for so long because of my kids, but after a while you realize you are NOT being a good parent, Gil and I did not always see eye to eye on how to raise them, but mostly I was just sad. Sad to be so unhappy, sad to have to fake being happy all the time. So I left, and what seemed very suddenly. Although I knew in my heart for years that I was not in love anymore, no one else really knew. Even after I left I still went to visit my kids, just like a weekend dad. But soon that would end when just a few weeks after I left, Gil found another girlfriend, and that changed everything. Now I was no longer welcome, and that was the beginning of the end of being a mother.
I have always tried to stay in touch with Tyler and Marilyn, we have all had some good talks and I have even tried to help them out here and there. The fact of the matter is, they are a VERY close family, there is always a support team out there when needed, and that made it even more awkward to stay in their lives, they didn't really need me anymore.
So flash forward to today- they are 24 and 22, they are living their lives, Tyler has a son himself now. I can't say that I have any regrets, I feel like I did everything I could to stay in their lives, and I am here if they need me. I do regret letting a silly argument between me and Tyler basically end our relationship. What makes me really sad is that I feel like he is probably having major "mommy" issues after being left by two Moms, I am sorry Tyler.
Miss Mar Mar

Tyler and his little boy, a blondie! Seems the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, Tylers Girlfriend must be a blonde.

I talk to Marilyn intermittently, she keeps me filled in on things, I would love for her to be more involved with my arts and crafts, she is super creative, but it's just not her thing. Marilyn, thank you for calling me today to wish me a Happy Mothers Day.  Even though I don't feel like a Mom anymore, I have VERY fond memories of being one, to two amazing little ones that have a place in my heart forever.