Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Am I ready for my close up?

So tomorrow will be my world debut in an infomercial. As an audience member you ask? No! I get to play the part of a crafty chica who just got the new Xyron Creatopia... I know a real stretch! My friend Karin got me the gig and all I had to do is use this machine in every way possible! I do love the machine, it cuts, embosses, die cuts, and all in the 12 inch format. It has so many gadgets I just love it. I made all sorts of fun things and at some point I will post them! I have had a horrible few days at work, just disastrous, so tomorrow I will try to enjoy my day off "working" and acting like a princess getting my makeup and hair done, grazing at the craft service table and chatting with Karin and her friend Gail who will also be in the show. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine Craft Class!

Please visit my link and join me on Feb 12th for a fun day of crafting and socializing. The class is at Whimzy in Santa Ana. This banner is so lovely and is made with vintage lace, vintage dictionary paper, vintage buttons, glass glitter, velvet and  sequined trim. Visit my website for pics and the Link to Whimzy to sign up. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long Beach Flea Market Finds

I feel so fortunate to live so close to the Long Beach Flea Market. It's only about 4 miles away so I try to go every month. Sometimes I have hits and sometimes misses. Typically when I am looking for something specific it eludes me. Like when I was looking for vintage wooden dominoes, I could not find one! So today I was slightly skeptical when I went on a search for french inspired items. I am in full French mode for my upcoming Moulin Rouge Event, and today, LB Flea did not disappoint!
{I found this bag for 18 bucks labeled doll dresses and stuff, I offered $10, he said, $15. SOLD!}

{i would have paid $15 for that little skirt! I love buying grab bags, there's always little surprises inside}

{and here is such a surprise, this sweet little pink bonnet}

{here are my Francais finds-souvenir post cards from Lyon, Vintage grossgrain ribbon in the French Flag color, 3 more  Carte Postales, and a 1929 tour guide that even has and ad for Moulin Rouge in it, and some french ribbon}

{Okay this sweet baby blue ribbon was calling my name, but it was $15 bucks! But then I did the math, thats only 1.50 per yard.... sold!}

{okay they had me at "Tiffany" this is a 1919 Cosmopolitan magazine, the guy commented on the poor condition. I LOVE the poor condition}

{love love love these images}

{and this}

(and this}
I also found a bevy of old broken rhinestone jewelry, at a very good price. And believe me the market for broken jewelry is rough! Overall I had a great day even though it was hot! Bumped into my friend Andrea, can't wait to check her blog out to see what else she found! (And by the way, I saw like 10 different boxes of wooden domino's- go figure!) LB Flea is the 3rd Sunday of the month, find there website here- and happy junkin!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Save the Date!

I am so happy to announce that I will be be having a crafty Breast Cancer Fundraiser during Breast Cancer Awareness month in October. As a store manager my company always is heavily involved in fundraising for this worthy cause. My company used to turn it's funds over to other charities such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation, but recently we have been donating our funds directly to actual research projects. We have also have purchased and helped maintain Mammobiles, portable mammogram stations. Lately though it has been difficult to raise money so I was thinking outside the box for Breast Cancer this year. I have been doing a small craft event for the last four years, but this one is going to be over the top (I hope!) and will help raise in a day, what might take me the whole month at the store. Now, I know it's way too early to start promoting it, but I just couldn't help putting it out there! I will be teaching a class and so will Karin Aguirre Smolinski. Not only is Karin amazingly creative (check out her blog here), but she is a breast cancer survivor herself. And of course we will be having this event at my Moms lovely home in Anaheim. My Mom is a 5 year Breast cancer survivor too. I know it has effected so many of us, in so many ways. I just remember thinking when my Mom told me she had breast cancer, that it wasn't the death sentence it used to be. Karin, my mom and so many others are proof. I hope you will join me. If you click on this link, you can send me and email to be be alerted when the registration opens. It will be limited to 20 ladies this year, but I hope we can grow it into a huge event someday!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Joy Banner Class hosted by Andrea Villarreal

I was so excited when Andrea Villarreal asked me to come do a project for her crafty girlfriends. What started up as a small class ended up with about 14 ladies including Kim Caldwell from Artistic Bliss Designs and my two good friends from Arizona; Earleen Coburn and Annette Schwab. Below is the project and silver kit bags.

{Andreas tree with all handmade ornaments}

{More of Andrea's beautifully decorated home}

{everyone dug right in to creating}

{yes, that IS the famous Scrappy Jessi in the red sweater- if you don't follow her blog yet is is full of decadent fun}

{Earleen and Annette being good students!}

{completed banners}

{I loved the ice blue Cynthia Flores used on hers. That's one of the things I try to do in my classes is offer you everything to make the class sample, but also alternatives to make it totally your own}

{This red one was great!}

{This one featured graphic45 papers, my favorite!}

{This one had vintage sheet music for the background and some dresden foils I brought along, I was like...duh why didn't I make mine like that!}

{another sheet music banner}

{me and Kim Caldwell}
{me and my Az drive-by gang (drive by shopping that is)}

{I am seriously upset that this picture of me and Andrea didn't come out. I had to  recognize though how special it was how she set up everything for this workshop, from the decorations to the food everything was amazing, thanks Andrea!}

This was my last class of 2010. I have found that I really love holding workshops, from the project design to sourcing the materials to teaching the class I love the whole process. In my real life job I do quite a bit of training, so this seems to come so naturally for me. So this year I am going to focus on arts and crafts workshops. I also would like to get some of my work published, but that requires lots of effort and possibly no return! My problem is, that it is too hard for me to part with some of my projects, or they sell. But I will work on it!
If you are interested in having me create a project and workshop for you please contact me at:
or Visit my website fro class info: