Monday, April 21, 2014

Xyron and Paper House Vacation Memories

I got lucky and when I received my Paper House Productions goodies to create with there was some Chicago 3D stickers! Yippee! Hey I HAVE been there and I have the photos to prove it! Sadly it just brings to light how few places in the United States I have been in. Now international travel, I got! But I think its time to get out and see my country more, especially the Pacific Northwest, New York, and somewhere down south. I created a unique Picture Box today. If you are covering a box, you NEED to have a Xyron 5 Inch Creative Station or Create a Sticker Max! Seriously, I do not know how I could craft without one of these- the coverage and adhesion you get with these is second to none. The cool little detail that makes this box special is that I printed my picture on inkjet transparent film. I then put some cool paper from the Paper House in the background along with a 3D sticker for a very unique effect. To add some of my vintage flair I used a distressed tart tin for the base and some vintage dymo tap for my sentiment- two little things that give that retro feel even though I am using a more modern style paper and embellishments. Supply list to follow-Denise
{This is one of those things that looks better in person! LOL- but you can kinda see the arrows in the background paper peeking through}

{Adding a dymo tape label to anything brings vintage to the piece}

{I added the little metal faucet handle from Hobby Lobby to go with that} industrial Chicago feel

{This sticker is the star of the show!}

{another little vintage detail}


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Publications!

Please check out the current issue of Jewelry Affaire Magazine for some of my jewlery and Scrapbooking and Beyond for one of my layouts featuring me at my roller derby best!