Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun-Raiser Event Pics!

Well I had a very successful Breast Cancer Fundraiser. I was going to have it at The Vintage Emporium, but I wanted to feed everyone and Julie just doesn't have the room amongst all of her treasures! Thank you to those who attended, we had a great time sipping wine and making little mini books!
Here's my MOM- survivor herself!

And the Wonderfully talented Marilyn of

Stephanie, she likes to hoard supplies! If you need something, just look in front of Steph!

And Paula, her first time, how cute!

Here are some of the cute mini books we all made:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Every year for the last 4 years I have done an event in honor of my Mom Diane, a Breast Cancer survivor to benefit Breast Cancer Research. This years event will be held at The Vintage Emporium in Long Beach. All of the info can be found here on my website, and below are some pics from last years event. Hope you can join us!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweet Recognition

So I made this cute little album for my friend Lana to put her vacation memories from Germany in. I collect coasters and Lana has taken up collecting them for me. She brought me this amazing bunch of coasters from all the German Brew Hauses, so I couldn't think of a better way to thank her then making her something special with them. I had recently purchased this book called "Re-Bound" and saw a darling little coaster album made in there and decided to use that for inspiration (aka copy!) It came out so cute I decided to put it up on esty as an example of my work. That was a few months ago and today I got this email:


I'm the author of the book "Re-Bound" and just found your amazing coaster book on Etsy. The book is gorgeous!! I love how you did the accordion pages, how you used different color ribbons for the piano hinge, and how you decorated the cover. You even found a beer called "Binding"! Truly, this completely made my day, and thank you so much for the mention of the book in the listing. That was very kind.

So how cool is that? She is having a workshop in Santa Monica on Nov 7th. I might try to make it! This just made my day!
Here are more pics the album:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Birds, Birds, Birds!

I have a very early childhood memory of playing with these little birds my Grandma Margaret got out on Christmas to decorate with. They were all in little outfits and I liked matching them up with partners! So I asked my Mom if she remembered the birds and how to make them. She called my Aunt Sharon and sure enough my auntie not only had the original birds, but she still had all of the goodies to make them! Now I am talking 55-60 year old craft goodies; vintage pipe cleaner, vintage mink coat fabric, vintage silks and plaids! This is them in a box in all sorts of condition, from excellent, to in bad need of repair. My Mom has them all fixed up now, and now we are making our own versions mixing vintage and modern embellishments. Here are my regal pair in aubergine! She in her mink coat and all! What a wonderful discovery! I am sure my auntie meant to take those birdies out and make more, she didn't realize it would be 60 years later!-Denise

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Patchwork Indie Craft Show! I'm in!

I am so excited and totally nervous to be selling at my very first show! My little 5X5 spot is right at the entrance though, not sure if that is good or bad, but I will find out! Patchwork is in Santa Ana on Nov 15th from 11-5 hoepfully you can make it!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hello, Denise here.
I finally did it. I have got a real blog! Still figuring out things here, like why is my banner not centered, but oh well it will have to do. I guess there is no better time then to announce an event I am Co-hosting with Julie the owner of The Vintage Emporium in Long Beach. My Mom is a 3 year breast cancer survivor, and Julie's mom is battling the disease as we speak. Julie and I have teamed up and are hosting a monthly event at the Vintage called Crafty Thursdays! We are having a special edition of Crafty Thursday on 10/29. The project will be Halloween mini-album, and every album will be different, this is not a kit class, we just bring all the goodies and you get to have at it!! The class fee is $40 and 100% of the profits will go to breast cancer research! We will have goodies and I also will be bringing a special wine to each class for tasting! Here are some pictures from out first class. Won't you join us? Please visit my website here to sign up and for more info!