Saturday, November 26, 2011

Handmade Stocking Filled with Joy

I wish I could say this stocking is mine, well it is sort of. I made it for someone. Who? Now that's a secret! Yes this sweet Christmas stocking is for a secret friend. I made it as part of a Victorian Christmas Stocking swap being hosted by my dear friend Sherry Bamsey. It was a collaboration with my Mom. (If you call going to my Mom's house robbing her fabric stash, then making her sew it, a collaboration!) I took my stocking home finished it off and filled it with some precious stash items. I think I did good, my rule of swapping is, that if you don't want to part with it, its good!! I hope my secret friend loves it! 

{I probably will not be able to fit all the goodies inside!}

{yes, parting with this amazing avon mini perfume bottle}

{bags filled with ephemera both paper and dimensional}

{vintage goodies}

{Christmas ephemera}

{just the stocking}

{i am glad it looks good hanging, I didn't even think of it while I was making it, if it would hang nicely!}
-I have some more swaps to share but can't spoil the fun!
What are you creating for Christmas?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

For the Love of a Friend and a Frenchie

Okay so I finally just admit that I love to make jewelry. My passion for mixed media and altered art has somehow led me here, and I know why... I get to wear all of those little pieces of art. Now I find that instead of hoarding all of my beloved flea market finds, I just make them into something I can wear. Although I always am inspired by my precious found objects, nothing is more inspiring than creating special pieces for my friends. Lately I have been using these glass hearts I found at a floral supply. They are imperfect little blocks of glass that magnify and distort whatever you put behind them. Here is a piece that I made for a sweet friend Terry Frias. Terry is the proud momma to three pups, but the one I always remember is Max, her french bulldog. I fell in love with a frenchie at the dog park and have wanted one ever since. I have two pitbulls and it would be hard to talk my husband in to a tiny pooch, but those frenchies pack a lot of muscle in those tiny bodies, I think it would be a great compromise! Anyway, enough about dreaming of doggies I need another dog like I need a hole in the head! Here is the soldered piece I gave to terry for her birthday: