Monday, November 29, 2010

Temper Dog Hahn 1994-11/29/2010

Temper passed away as he had had lived, surrounded by those who loved him. He was by far the best dog I have ever had in my life. So in-tune to our moods he was always there to lick tears away, and nudge my arm away from the computer when I was working too much. He always sat right behind my chair in my craft room, so I couldn’t slide out. He licked the water from my bathtub as I bathed. He slept between me and Tyler for 10 years, always kicking randomly in the night and scooting Tyler to the edge of the bed. Anyone who met Temper immediately changed their attitudes towards pitbulls. He loved people and kids. Last night our good friends James and Angelica came to say goodbye to him and brought there baby. Temper got right up to him and licked him right in his open mouth! I felt some comfort in that Temper gave a little of his life to this new life. I am not sure where we go from here, this is a profound change in our life. How will his little sister Juno react? Regardless, he touched our lives in a way I will never forget. I will miss you Temperdogg. If you have a dog, you will most likely outlive it; to get a dog is to open yourself to profound joy and, prospectively, to equally profound sadness. And today is that day for our grieving family. 

{his favorite spot on the couch}

{he was always begging for food, always}

{stating to show his age, he lived to 16 years old, 10 years past the normal life expentancy of a pitbull}
{his other favorite place, my wing back chair}

{one of my last pics of him}

Now he is peace, you will be missed sweet Temper, I love you

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Patchwork is here!

I will be vending at Patchwork Sunday 11/28 from 11am-5pm. My Mom will be in tow as usual and Mr. Blue Room is coming to help me set up being that I have this nasty pinched nerve that I am supposed to be "resting". Hope to see my local friends there! The show is located at Main Street and Buffalo in Santa Ana. You can mapquest it by the address of the very cool shop The Road Less Traveled at 2204 N. Main St.
Santa Ana, CA 92706

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Patchwork Preview 2

Okay here is another quick peek at what I will be selling at Patchwork Festival this Sunday!

Isn't she adorable!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Patchwork Preview

Okay I only have time for a quick post, the three days before Thanksgiving in a grocery store are a nightmare for those of us lucky enough to work in them (wink wink). Here is a new large size brie box ornament. I only got the idea after I told one of my employees to save me all of the brie boxes, and he happened to save these big one too. I have made 5 of these all inspired by some of my favorite things during Christmas.

have a good one!-Denise

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who caused this?!

"Who caused this?" This was a favorite saying of my beloved father Dennis. Raising three kids it seemed that there were a lot of things that went wrong around the household.  Whatever the problem was, wether it be a hole in the wall or a mess in the kitchen, my Dad found out that the actual perpetrator of the problem wasn't always the person who "caused" it. As an example there may have been some food knocked over on the carpet in the family room. I may have been the one to knock it over, but it was because my brother Paul pushed me. You get the picture right? Those words came to my head immediately this morning as I walked into my craft room and found this:

I thought in my head, "who caused this?". Well I blame my mother. She came and helped me clean my house before the hectic holiday season. I also bought some new furniture and she helped me arrange it. But as we cleaned my house I realized, I have craft tools and materials ALL OVER MY HOUSE. Paint brushes, glue guns, gel medium, foam brushes, cutting mats, and the list goes on. Mom just piled it in my craft room. Then I thought, well actually I caused this. But most of all this morning, I am thinking of my Dad whom I miss so much. I can't believe it has been almost 20 years since he passed away from lung cancer. But he lives on, during days like this, when the littlest of things sparks a fond memory him.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Thrift Store Grab Bag

One of my favorite things to buy at the thrift store is the ubiquitous "grab bag" a large plastic bag filled with supposedly thematic items. Usually there are a few related items and then some random stir sticks from a defunct hotel chain. The only time I have actually found like items is in the popular "Holiday Grab Bag". I purchased one such grab bag for a whopping $3.95 at my favorite treasure trove South Street Thrift in Long Beach. It was filled with Christmas goodness. Want to peek inside and see the hits and misses! Okay lets take a look!

{these were a hit, I already hallowed out the center of the foam snowflakes and put little 3 dimensional vintage scenes in them}

{whhaaaaa?? Victorian Christmas Tinsel? Score!}

{I really liked these irridescent icicles}

{these tassels were a lot of fun too}

{a plastic toy sleigh...hmmmm I can figure out something to do with this!}

{some items I was too sure about, but had potential}

{some total misses- neon pipe cleaner, plastic fall leaves, and 1000 strands of bird killing plastic tinsel}

{these really take the cake, I call them "go backs"-they go right back into the bag and back to the thrift store!}

{some more go backs, plastic bells, a old dingy looking candle and a plastic container}
I left out the painted pine cones and salt and pepper shakers, but those are going back too!
So, did I get my $3.95 worth? I think so!