Friday, September 30, 2011

Craft for a Cure is here!

I am so excited that this event has finally arrived, I have 18 women joining me tomorrow and hope it will be a fun day of creating and community. Here is the class sample for Blinged Out Skelly girl class. She came out super cute. I have brought all kinds of goodies to create with so everyones will look different. Off to finish the last minute detail, will be back with pictures soon!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Girls Road Trip- Cayucos 2011

Last weekend me and 3 of my girlfriends went to Cayucos for a weekend of shopping, crafting and relaxing. Why Cayucos, well Andrea owns a little condo up there that has been a family vacation getaway for years. The condo itself was adorable, but the VIEWS were amazing!

Andrea and Annette on the deck, a glass of Chardonnay and an view

Andrea at a stop in Arroyo Grande

Earleen getting her shop on!

Annette in shopping Bliss!

The next morning, kicking up my feet and waking up to the sound of waves crashing....

Some of Andreas beautiful solder work. Her home away from home is filled with beachy eye candy.

The bottle to the right was a new edition found on the way up in Arroyo Grande

My little hostess gift for Andrea. I know from her reaction that she loved it. Yay! 

her adorable wall art

bedroom decor

We followed all the rules, well except for eat seafood....that was the hardest part of the trip for me. I am not a seafood eater and I actually even have a hard time with the smell of seafood, but it was a small sacrifice to hang out with these husband was like, "And I can't get you to go to Market Broiler with me???? No Right!"

Love this shop in San Luis Obispo called Vintage Etc. 

Vintage Etc.

Our lovely hostess, I could see she loved this shop too as I saw a lot of goodies she already had back at the condo

Me and Annette hanging outside the Brown Sugar Cookie Company in Cayucos.

Earleen scoring some Brown Butter Cookies! These cookies are kind of hard to explain, they are like little flat round balls, that you bite into and are sweet on the inside but are somehow dusted or sprinkled with salt to give you that delicious salty sweet taste I love! Yummmm

The tide pools below the cottage

Annette spied this lovely red starfish, and picked it up for further inspection and photography.....then when she put it back it didn't stick back on the rock. Earleen claimed "you killed it!!!" But Andrea assured us, that starfish love to just tumble in the water and our little star will hook back up with a rock when she feels like it!

The next day we went to the shop we were all anticipating. Lina G All the Trimmings shop

umm  filled to the hilt with vintage lace, trim, butting, ect

a bit overwhelming....

vintage flowers anyone? Where does she find this stuff??

so preciuos..

Then you can dig in all of the drawers...

my little goodies bag.....I have a lot of ideas of what to make with my finds! Lina does not have a web site, she sells on ebay here!

we swung by the shell shop...

look at the smile on Andreas face, that girls loves her some shells!

we stopped at Robins for lunch the next day in Cambria

me and Andrea

Then on to more shopping. This shop was too cute! Called Home Arts, such a cute shop. But all over the place were little signs form the owner "don't steal me I am only $11", " I know you think your getting one over on "the man" when you take something, but you are actually stealing form a woman who works hard to keep her business going". It was she is assuming everyone is a thief, but then again maybe a scumbag who would think of stealing might think twice about it. Such a shame that people steal... maybe I should put some signs up in my store..."please don't steal my razor blades, when you do I have a bad inventory, then I have to write an action plan on how I am going to stop you, then I have to go to a meeting and have a big entourage of people come to my store to investigate what I am doing wrong...when you are doing wrong..." tee heee

umm homemade sugar body scrubs...yummmm. Cant remember the name of this shop but its right across from Home Arts!

A walk on the pier before dinner

nothing clears the mind like the smell of the ocean...

I like this pic of Earleen, the look on her face like she is going to say something that will make me laugh!

Sunset in Cayucos....

I love these pics, Annette in her top siders, Earleens "there no place like home" clogs, my shoelace-less cons, and Andreas cute flip flops.....all a little piece of who we are.

Cayucos gone, but not forgotten. Thank you to my dear friends Andrea and Annette who this summer opened up their families vacation treasures to us. I am so glad to have these memories, thanks girls!