Thursday, January 28, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser- Now what?

So I don't really need a good reason to travel to the Downtown LA Fashion District, but inspiration surely helps. So does a massive project I must start without delay! If you read in my prior post I will be attending Kim Caldwells Affaire in Wonderland. Part of the Affaire event includes the attendees hosting "swaps". Basically you make a themed project according the the hostess's criteria, and then you swap it with another attendee. This is my first venture into Swapville, and I am not quite sure what I have gotten myself into!! The project that brought me to Michael Levines was for what is called a "Fat Book". I joined this swap as the hostess is Cheryl Stoneham. I met Cheryl at Kim's last event, and she was so nice. Not to mention talented, she even walked me through my first blanket stitch! So, I have to make 10 identical 6x6 fabric "pages" , front AND back, with a Wonderland theme of course! I had a rough sketch of what I was going to do, but let the fabric inspire me. Here are some of my finds. Wish me luck!

I Really loved this little crown applique! I know exactly where it is going,
for now.....

I am loving these little pendant buttons, have no idea where they are going, but i can see adding little details to them...words, or letters....hmmmmm

Okay, my biggest splurge! This is hot pink satin loop fringe. However it looks a little distressed and I loved that about it. 5 yards! This will go around the edge of my front page, and peek a boo to the back.

And I am the biggest sucker for tassles! These were pricey so I only got a yard, but tassles just make me smile so I couldn't go without.

Now the hard part, getting started!!! I may have to call on friends and family to help the assemblage after I figure it all out!  (hint hint friends and family :)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Affaire in Wonderland

I am so excited to be able to attend Kim Caldwells next special event, Affaire in Wonderland. This event is combining soooo many of my favorite things; Art, Disneyland, Tim Burtons new Alice in Wonderland movie, and meeting up with some amazing inspiring people I met at Kim's last event. There will be three classes, food, giveaways, a screening of the movies, and an evening at the park. The last event some of the attendees hosted "swaps" where everyone makes a similar themed item and swaps with another attendee. I hope they have some swaps because I sure could use the inspiration. The event sold out  right away, but please check out Kim's website Artistic Bliss and look out for her future events, you won't want to miss! Here is me and my Disney buddy Angelica, we always get cupcakes and milk when we go!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Long Beach Sunday Farmers Market

I am so excited to be a part of the Long Beach Sunday Farmers Market. Through my friend Julie from the Vintage Emporium in Long Beach, I met Kelli Johnson who is the manager of the new certified Farmers Market in the California Heights historic neighborhood. What is so cool about the market is that it benefits 3 local area elementary schools. I have been calling on my ETSY friends to join me for the first Mini-Craft fair we will be holding at the market. I have the following members of my team the California Crafters Club of Etsy, joining me!
Kelli is doing an amazing job promoting this market. She has done pie and cookies contests. I had the pleasure of creating some handmade award ribbons (on left) for the event. I am so please with how thy came out! Next month is a soup swap. And she has even teamed up with the Long Beach Public Library for Book Week. From their website:Our Long Beach Sunday Market in California Heights has been chosen to host the All Day Read on Sunday March 7th from 9am-2pm. We are thrilled to be an official Book Week Event!! Book Week is the annual celebration of literature organized by the Long Beach Public Library Foundation. Come listen to The Soloist being read aloud in the family friendly atmosphere of the Long Beach Sunday Market, located on the playground of Longfellow Elementary School. We will have performances throughout the day by Student Cellists and Musical Portrait Photo Sessions by Ogg Studios. If you would like to volunteer, read or perform, please write
So it should be a great week for the Market! Hope to see you there!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ski Season Has Arrived

My favorite time of year! My Mom said as a child I hated skiing.... who knew!? My adult skiing life started about 5 years ago. Tyler was on Ski Patrol and I got tired of being home alone on weekends, so I started going with him and skiing for free. I eventually tried snowboarding, but spending all day on my ass was not my idea of fun. I got my own gear and have been skiing ever since. So, am I a good skier? Hell NO! I suck, although I am getting much better. I fear no blue run and will hit the occasional black diamond, only If I can see it from the lift and deem it do-able! This season I have committed to wearing a helmet though. So I got myself a pink one and added some rhinestones in the shape of a skull and crossbones for it! I look so tough(yeah right!)! I have been to Mammoth twice already and head to Colorado at the end of this week. It HAS taken a little of my crafty art time away though, but I just can't resist that cold fresh air!