Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Joy of Swapping

At the Amazing Kim Caldwells last event an Affaire in Wonderland, I decided to participate in a "swap". I did two of them, one a Fat Book swap where I had to make 10 duplicate fabric pages, and they were bound in to one "fat" book. The other was a shadow box swap. I had already created an Alice themed shadow box, but knew it would be very hard to part with. I decided to go for it. My husband asked me, "Now wait a minute, you are going to give someone that box, and you will get one in return? What if the one you get TOTALLY sucks?" I told him, that so many of the artists that attend Kim's events are very talented, I am sure I will not be disappointed! And I WAS NOT disappointed! The person that got to make my shadow box was named Krisha Hartman. She asked me all kinds of questions about myself and reallllly wanted to do a good job and make it special.  Krisha said that she was worried that her work may not be up to par with some of the other artists going. I told her, "Don't worry we ALL feel that way!!" Here is the beautiful shadow box I got from Krisha, it even got a wow from my husband. I also added on the box I gave to Tina Marie Capriotti. I hope Tina loved her as much as I loved mine!

More to come of Alice..... Denise


  1. Hey sweetie,
    eekk i loved your shadow box. fabulous!!!
    im so glad i won your prize too.
    woo hoo

  2. Thanks miss Jessi, glad the banner showed up!


  3. All of those shadow boxes were ah-mazing. Wish I would have made the deadline for the sign up....sigh.

  4. Those swaps were amazing. Kim showed me her Fat Book when I went to go get my goodies. I could not believe it!! Everyone is so talented:)