Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back from BettyFest- Keystone Colorado

Vacation was wonderful. Oh how I love the state of Colorado, I never want to leave! We stayed at our friends Tom and Sandie, they have the most amazing tri-level house in Silverthorne, right in the middle of 6 major ski resorts. The first part of my vacation I took a weekend workshop called "BettyFest". We spent the day with our instructor Jerre Smith who was just wonderful. I pulled a "Denise" and forgot my camera charger, so the above photo is the only one I was able to get! I am on the far left, to my left is Sue, she was soo sweet, and super fast on her ski's, then Claudia who oh so wanted to keep up with her kids, I enjoyed hanging back with Claudia and yelling at her to "stand up"! Then there are Betty and Bonnie two local Coloradans who were also so nice to share class with. (Oh by the way when I got home, I was searching for another lost item and realized I DID in fact have my charger!) Not only was Jerre a great teacher but she is quite the watercolor artist, you can see some of her wonderful work here! The next few days I spent skiing away at Vail, Copper Mountain, and Breckenridge. I wished the snow was a little better, but a crusty day of skiing beats work anytime! The only hard part about vacation is missing my doggies, here they are looking out the front door waiting for us!
Now I am on to my next adventure, An Affaire in Wonderland a wonderful group of women that gather together and created amazing works of art all themed around Alice in Wonderland. The event includes going to see the neew Tim Burton movie. I am just too excited! I also created a very cool banner for a giveaway ot the event, here is a sneak peek!

Thats all for now!!! 

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