Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Custom T Shirt with Lawn Fawn and Xyron

 Sometimes I love a stamp so much I just want to wear it! I love these set of Eyeglass Stamps from Lawn Fawn (Clear to See), they are so me (with my glasses and all!) But to stamp directly onto a shirt can be a little daunting, you only get one shot to get it right. Since I am a little sketchy in my stamping I came up with a great technique using muslin and a Xyron Tape Runner. For this project you will need a shirt, some plain pre shrunk cotton fabric or muslin, some Lawn Fawn Stamps, Colorbox Crafters Inks, Xyron Tape Runner and a seeing machine or needle and thread.
Let's get started!
{Start with your base shirt- really any shirt will do except extreme stretch knits, this is a poly blend.}
{Next grab a piece of muslin and make your stamps using the Crafter's Ink- make sure you leave enough around each stamp to cut into a square (or any other shape)- Go ahead and do multiples, this is the test stage! Then pick your cleanest ones and cut them out}
{You can use pinking shears if you don't want them to ravel, but I like that reveled look!- Very important- Crafters Ink needs to be heat set with your iron to become permanent so press them off for 20-30 seconds}

{Now grab your Xyron Tape Runner and run tape on the backside of your appliqués along each side but not totally to the edge. Believe it or not I have found tape runners to work great on fabric- you can sew through the adhesive, it doesn't gum up your needle, and it doesn't show through when your done!}

{ Now VERY IMPORTANT! Put your shirt on, THEN stick your appliqués to your shirt! Why? Because you want to make sure they are placed right, especially in the chest areas if you know what I mean. You don't want to do all this work and find out your appliqués are hiding under your breasts or on crooked}
{Now go to your machine and stitch around- you can use a straight stitch or play with all them fancy ones you never use- play with thread color- or hand stitch with some embroidery thread would be super cute too!}
{So cute! Who says stamps are just for paper!}
I hope you will try out this simple technique and start wearing your favorite stamps!


  1. I love this shirt. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Very cute and creative, love those glasses stamps.


  3. Came form the Twinery blog hop, but can't find your entry - but this one is stunning!

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