Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grease Sing-A-Long Hollywood Bowl

I truly love the Hollywood Bowl. I have a fond memory of my father from the Hollywood Bowl. You see they stack park you there... like bumper to bumper so you hope that everyone comes out to their car after the show in a timely manner or you can get stuck! So my Dad graciously took me and my friend Gary to see the Thompson Twins (Sept. 29th 1994, a Flock of Seagulls opened for them), and he took our old tan Van... that conveniently had our trailer hitch attached to it. My poor dad had to sit in the van for two hours while we rocked out to "Hold Me Now", but apparently he got a lot of joy from concert goer's slipping through the stacked cars and bashing their shins on the trailer hitch!  We had a fun time on the drive home hearing my Dad repeat back all of the cursing her heard and what they said. He even said one of them kicked the van then ran when he saw my Dad was still in it!LOL. I miss my Dad and his sense of humor. Isn't it funny the memories we keep? I can't recall a single fight I ever had with my Dad, although I know we did. I only remember quirky funny little moments... the ones I most cherished. Okay ON to GREASE. Definitely one of my all time favorite movies. Basically they just play the movie on the big screen with karaoke type words and you sing your heart out! I was sort of expecting this event to be filled with a bunch of 40+ women, gays and trannies, but NO! It was like a total family event. how do these kids even know Grease? Well they do, every word! It was fun singing out loud and it being okay! They also gave us some props, a comb, and yellow "scarf", a Reidell pom pom and bubbles....my favorite during beauty school dropout. I went with my friend Angelica and my girl Shyrell from the rink. We had a lot of fun, so whats next? Maybe Sound of Music?
Shyrell aka Dangerous on the Long Beach Hot Broads!

{Thousands of bubbles were blown and floated through the movie light, very cool. This was during beauty school dropout}

{me and my favorite science teacher Angelica}

{poor Jeff Conway passed away a few weeks ago, drugs were not kind to him}

{DiDi Conn actually was there presenting the film}
It was a lot of fun, we had wine and cheese before and took the shuttle so it was pretty easy. 

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  1. Sounds like a BLAST!! I love your wonderful memory of your dad!