Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lisa Kaus Collage Classes Day 2

Day two with Lisa we focused mainly on painting and shading. It was very hard for me to create something on such a big scale. With day 1 gridlock project, I felt like the painting was small and not so out there...You could kind of hide behind it, but this one there was no hiding! I chose to paint a scared heart. Why do I love scared hearts? I have no idea, I am so not the religious type, I just love a flaming heart! Anyway, here are the pics from the event. I took a lot away from these classes, the exposure to watercolor crayons and graphite pencil. The use of beeswax, and just some general composition ideas. I have already started creating a series of spooky houses using some of the techniques... but it's a wee bit early for halloween so I will share those later! As I am writing this I just got back from another "outside the box" class with Pam Garrison now I am really inspired! (stay tuned for blog post about Pams class)
{the start of it}

{Terry Frias and her amazing purple Frenchie!}

{C-Flo -----Cynthia Flores!}

{Cheryl Stonehams}

{Kim Caldwell very hard at work}

{Cupcake herself Julie Weller}

{Anna Crutchfiled}

{watercolor crayons}

{Me Cynthia and Terry!}

{my finished project}

{your scared space is where you can find yourself again and again}
-I like to find myself in my blue room!

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