Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tim Burton at LACMA

me and Terry outside LACMA
Terry at the Entrance!
I spent the first day of my Birthdaycation with my sweet friend Terry Frias. She joined me after work for the Tim Burton exhibit. One thing I realized after visiting the exhibit is I was a Tim Burton fan long before I knew I was a Tim Burton fan. You see in high school I was a drama geek and as  drama geek was always interested in indie films and short subject movies. One of those movies I fell in love with was called Frankenweenie. A story about a boy whose dog is hit by a car and he is so distraught that he decides to bring him back to life, basically Frankenstein with a boy and his dog. It came out in 1984, before Tim Burton was "Tim Burton" and it was not until I started seeing the Frankenweenie images at the exhibit that I realized it was Burtons creation.  Then I got extremely excited to see that in 2012 Burton is remaking Frankenweenie into a full length stop motion feature.  Needless to say I am thrilled! What is evident from watching Tim's career unfold, is that he always had a brilliant imagination. But he did get formal training and you can see his artwork change and progress over the years. That is probably what inspired me most, was that as an artist you are always learning, morphing and progressing. It encouraged me to learn some more fine art techniques like drawing and painting. I want to thank Terry for getting me the exhibit book as a little bday present, I love it! I also love my Pincushion Queen shirt I got as a little gift to myself.


  1. Oh would SOoooo love to visit that exhibit. I love Tim Burton, the man's a genius! Happy Birthday!