Monday, July 11, 2011

Dig Daddys Antiques, Downtown LA, and Bottega Louie- Final Birthdaycation post till next year!

So I ended my Birthdaycation last month with a lovely day trip out shopping with the girls! We started at Dig Daddys antiques in LA, and lets just say they had some amazing things at some amazing prices, and I don't mean that in a good way! I really couldn't afford to even look in that place, but their certainly was a lot of eye-candy to go around. After that we headed to are some of my usual haunts in downtown LA, Bohemia Crystal, Trim 2000 and the trim place that I don't think has a name but the owner Bijan is super nice. After that we headed to Bottega Louie. Nowe I usually head to Tiara Cafe myself so I was excited to check this new place out and I was NOT disappointed! Great Italian fair and an amazing pastry shop attached. The only downside is that it is so big and clean that there is a terrible echo in the place, it is really LOUD, but that's okay we just jumped right in and joined the loudness. Some of us couldn't make it to the shopping trip so we invited Freida and Audrey to tag along! Tee Hee..... Enjoy the pics!
{i cant go without thanking my friend Earleen for the wonderful Birthday gift she gave me}

{pretty package}

{pretty awesome contents!-Thank you Earleen}

Now some eye candy from Dig Daddys Antiques:

{printers cabinet}

{this birdcage was like 7 feet tall}

{another amazing birdcage...there were lots and many with live birds}

{hmmm i think i could do something with this}

{this thing hand Andreas name written all over it. It is filled with scientific shell specimens, unfortunately it also had "SOLD" written on it}


{every drawer was filled with shells}

Onward to downtown!

{one of Kims fav button and trim stores}

{me and Earlene}

{me and Kim}

{the flower store}

{I love this pic of Cheryl by all of the fresh flowers, it smelled so good on that street}

{Kim on her way to Botegga Louies}

{macaroon anyone?}

{pastries! I got the key lime tart it was divine}

{even the bathrooms were cool at Louie's}

{Andrea's cupcakes}

{my glass of chardonnay, my friends must think I am a lush, but I just love wine!}

{Beautiful Louie's!}

We were all completely pooped from the heat and walking, but we had an amazing day together. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful friends, I really do cherish them. Thanks Gals!


  1. GREAT Pics Denise! Okay, what's with Frida? And I'm with you on the Chard! Yummm! I recognized all those great places downtown. I'm going to take LuLu there when she visits in December!
    Hope you're having a good Monday.

  2. Love the pics ~ especially Freida and Audrey. Cracking me up! Send me the one of the two of us. So sweet! I need to start a friend journal!


  3. LMAO! Love the pics of Freida! What a great day...I am so blessed to have friends like you!

  4. Did you see the Gloster Canaries at Big Daddy's? They look like they have Beatles mop top hair cuts. I want one.