Friday, July 8, 2011

Lisa Kaus Collage Classes Day 1

 The next part of my Birthdaycation was to attend one of Kim Caldwells Artistic Affaires. She invited artist Lisa Kaus to come and teach us some collage and painting techniques. I love learing new techniques and have already gone out and bought watercolor crayons, graphite pencils, and beeswax! I will let the pics speak for themselves!:

{our welcome bucket filled with goodies!}

{a bright sunny room with lots of light and color}

{Kims table settings were just so fresh and juicy looking!}

{supply table}

{goodie bag spilled out!}

{My trusty tool box!}

{Michelle from Hold Dear had the funnest goodies bag, please check out her shop:

{my sweet friend Andrea baked me this amazing chocolate cupcake in a coffee cup, it tasted divine!}

{here is what I picked out for my collage}

{originally I liked this little dear, but she got nixed!}

{fluid acrylics...kinda like watercolors}

{here is my 11x17 board almost covered in paint and paper}

{oh and the nails, I loved the nails! Had to go buy a bunch of my own today at Home Depot}

{we made a big sweet mess!!!}

{Andrea "i dont paint" Villareal}

{Earleen stepped out of her Tim Holtz style and into some pretty lovely bright colors}

{Terry Frias, can actually PAINT!}

{Starting to come along. What I realized is that with collage you can't pre plan out everything then assemble, you have to start with a focal point and just let it go from there.}

{Andreas Seashore theme was lovely}

{and so is she}

{put your back in to it Earleen!!!!}

{I love this lady, she makes me laugh and is kindhearted yet brutally honest at the same time}
Some of the other students...:

{Cheryl and Jenny Doh in the back there...}

{Miss Flores!}

{I am not the only mess maker!}

{Julie of my favorites!}

{teacher sample}

{My finished collage, I just love it!}

some details of it below:

{and a little surprise Birthday gift from Earleen!}

-so thats day two coming soon


  1. Looks like a fantastic time! Lots of new faces too. LOVE how your piece turned out Denise.

  2. Love your finished piece!!! Wish I could have been there and been a table buddy to you super fast crafter!!! Looks like it was fun!

  3. Loved this piece (and Lisa Kaus' influence), Denise....can you tell me what kind of "wood" was used? Both for the 11x17 main surface and also the smaller pieces? And where did you get it? Thanks so much.....Sharon.