Thursday, April 22, 2010


Although I always troll ebay for good finds, I am mostly daunted by the ridiculous shipping and "handling" fees people charge. Sure you bought an item for .99 but it's going to cost you 16.00 for shipping! Now not all ebayers are shipping thieves, and every once in a while I find the perfect storm; an item that with the shipping fees added in that is worth it! I had been looking for a lot of vintage watch parts only to be outbid, but I did find this little gem, 160 tiny 1x1 boxes filled with random parts. The picture below is only the top level of tiny boxes, there is another whole layer beneath! I can't possibly use all of these pieces and I am having a blast digging though them to pick out my favorites! The rest I will package up and sell in my etsy shop or at Kim Caldwells next event. Speaking of which if you haven't ever been to one, you must try it out! Check out the information here.
{I love these tiny cogs and lone second hands}
{There are little tin with tiny parts in them!}
{this tiny bag and another tiny tin in it, with an even tinier part}
-Can't wait to see what I can do with these


  1. Denise - how fun! I look forward to seeing what you create with them!

  2. Oh, i am so jealous!!! i would so love to play with all the teeny tiny bits!!
    have fun!

  3. Man I was looking for those months ago when I was creating my steampunk tin :) Enjoy!