Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Big Big Banner

This banner was a commissioned by a jewelry artist named Michelle Yeaton. Michelle creates amazing jewelry from found items and vintage pieces. She calls her shop "Repurposed Relics". Her jewelry can be purchased at The Vintage Emporium in Long Beach, but this banner is for her 10X10 booth for when she does shows. She pretty much just told me to do whatever I wanted, which I loved!  I made the "relic" portion first and got the okay to keep going (16 pennants is a lot to make "wrong"). I created the pennants using thick grey board that you can buy at an art supply store. I then painted them, covered them in crackle medium, and painted again. I then cut some old molding my husband had in the backyard with my scroll saw. I created a theme for each pennant. I could have gone way more overboard but it was important to make sure the letters were legible!
{the R is a vintage ruler}
{I used one of my vintage watch parts for the top of the R}
{the O has a glass glittered starfish}
{the E is a bent vintage kitchen utensil}
{I think the O is my favorite}
{the P has some pretty vintage jewelry added}
{The U have some more vintage jewelry on it}

{I live the chicken wire on the E}
{The I is a brand new bolt I distressed}
{The C has some vintage children's school paper in the back, and the S my husband bent out of copper tubing}
I heard that Michelle loved the banner and I am soooo glad. I would have been happy to keep it though! I will be making some more of this style though for The Vintage, maybe one that says Garden and one that says Beach! Keep an eye out for them in my etsy shop!