Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Friday, I'm In Love!- with My Blue Room

Okay, so it is a chaotic mess, but there is no place I love more than my blue craft room.  I actually took this picture because I was going to blog a before and after of the disaster that it is. This of course is the before, but I never made it to the after! I sat down an started another project and messed it all up again! 
This room is so important to me, my real life job is so extremely stressful, I need a place to unwind. Another thing I love is my piggy. Lucy L. Piggins her tag says. You can see her in the back left on the top picture. I got this at my store and although I am not in particular a pig collector/lover by any means, she just makes me smile. I also refer to her with many important creating questions like, "what do you think Lucy, blue or green?" !
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Thanks Sandy!!


  1. Hey girl! A messy studio is a loved studio! Love the music! Thanks for joining in!

    Sandy xox

  2. I would love this room too! You are very lucky to have a space all to yourself!

  3. love the sign over your window!
    happy weekend, xo natalea