Thursday, April 15, 2010

Earleen is coming!

One of the things I love most about my new life as an artist/crafter is all of the amazing people I have met. One of those people is Earleen. I met her during the first Kim Caldwell event I attended. I really didn't see her much during the event, but afterwords she went to my friend Julie's shop, the Vintage Emporium, and cleaned it out! She was making me laugh the whole time, every time she found a piece she loved, or was indecisive, her comments just cracked me up. I immediately like her. I got the chance to see her again at Kim's Alice in Wonderland event. This time she and her friend Toyette were nice enough to invite me up to their room to do a little project finishing between events.  I have to admit I was feeling a bit of a loner as everyone headed of with their friends, and it was so nice of Earleen to include me. Now Earleen is headed back out here from Arizona to attend Kim's Jane Austen event. Unfortunately I am not attending this one, but luckily Earleen and a small group of friends including Maija Lepore (another AMAZing lady I met) have invited me out to dinner tomorrow. I truly enjoy the company of these ladies and am so inspired by them. Speaking of inspiration I made a few "Jane" items for Julie's shop as a few of the ladies will be stopping by The Vintage Emporium on Sunday. If they don't sell this weekend they will be up in my etsy shop soon!
----------------{I Read Jane" mini banner in Fabric}----------------
{another of my baby brie altered boxes}
------{yes this teeny book I made has Jane's actual words in it!}----------

Well off to bed, long day tomorrow!-Denise


  1. ah- denise---you get to go to such great 'affaires' ;>) i need to find a part time job so i can attend the fun weekends you find!

    i love those brie boxes, too---if ya have any extras send them my way! ;>)

    ( good to see you on Thursday--)

    marilyn g

  2. Jane Austen and brie- two of my favorite things!

  3. Hey girly! I'm back and I feel great! I was admiring the banner you made for Maija (on her post) and thought you went to the Jane Austen class. That's great that you got to go out to dinner with the gals and that you are making new and awesome friends liek Earleen!

    Sandy xoxo