Sunday, June 12, 2011


Okay so I have always dreamed of being published in any of the Somerset Magazines. When I first started reading them I never would have though my work could be good enough to grace the pages, but after meeting so many friends who have had their work published and have encouraged me, it has finally happened! Not the way I imagined, but still it happened! One of the things I learned about getting published, is you HAVE TO SEND YOUR STUFF IN! I thought the magic magazine Genies just saw your blog and begged to publish you, but no, you actually have to submit your art work. Since I didn't want to part with any of my precious pieces, I decided to use the "calls for art" as inspiration. I created 3 canvases for their Fashion call, and one collage for their Poppy Perfection call. Months later the canvases came back in the mail, with a thank you but no thank you note. And to be honest I totally forgot about the little collage box. Then I got an etsy convo from my dear friend Marilyn Goodman. Please check out her etsy shop and blog: and AND her detash shop with great vintage finds at, and Marilyn was congratulating me for getting published. Whaaa??? Did I get published and not get notified? is it a mistake? not my artwork? different artist, same name? I had to do a little research, call the magazine, and sure enough somehow I slipped through the cracks, I am on Page 49! I never realized it because the Poppy Perfection issue had already been published and no "me" in there! I wasn't looking for myself anywhere else. I had actually browsed this issue and never saw myself in it, and it was a pretty good sized pic. So am I angry about it? No, I love Stampington publications and that issue had over 350 piece of artwork in it. I can see how I slipped though the cracks. So now I have the submission bug and hope to get even more of my pieces published. Do I NEED to be published in a magazine to feel validated as an artist? Hell NO but damn it feels good, like eye candy crack! As a matter of fact I can't wait until October when I have 5 pieces being published in Jewelry Affaire. Well I am off to check the latest calls for artwork, you can find them  here: I encourage all of you artists out there to send your work in! Here is my submission:



  1. Congratulations Denise! That is wonderful! You have now inspired me to submit some things!


  2. Congratulations! Being published is always exciting!!

  3. Eeek CONGRATS! I knew you would get published! I can't wait to see the jewelry you submitted too! I got a surprise the other day when Green Craft said they are publishing something I sent a year ago! Better late than never.

    Sandy xox