Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to Reality

Today is my last vacation day, and I have reserved it for the cleaning and organizing of my craft room. It seems I am in a perpetual mode of cleaning this room, but I guess that is all just part of the process. I find when I am working on projects I have pin point focus; that is I only look at what I am working on in my hands... everything else simply gets, put aside, pushed aside, piled upon, scooted over, laid on top of, you get the picture! Pretty soon I have amassed a mess of epic porprotion. But the reality is, I really can't work like this, I can only cope with this "while" I am creating. Getting started on a new project is impossible in this mess. And I have left my week totally and completely inspired! From the Tim Burton exhibit, to the weekend art event with Kim Caldwell, to the shopping trip downtown, and even eating at Bottegga Louie. But more about that later, rule is... I can't do anything until I clean this room. No creating, no blogging, no Words with Friends, no shopping for newly discovered art supplies, Nothing! So I better get going, one surface at a time, because I have So many great pictures to share of my "me" week vacation!
{yikes, my desk...makeup, pajamas, paperwork, trash, oye!}

{banana box of Halloween stuff, and things I have no room for on any other surface}

{my work table, no work going on here!}

{believe it or not, under this pile, is the start of some organizing I was doing two weeks ago and never finished!}

{my jar shelf, but there are more than jars there now }

{holy crap, supposed to be my found object trays, but now they are piled over, with other "found" objects}

{Stampington returned my published art work...yippee, but here lies the box...still}
Well time to stop blogging and start cleaning!!


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  1. I need to be doing the same thing but am catching up on Blog visits this morning!

    Happy Cleaning Girlie!!! I hope your week has been fabulous and I can't wait to see photos!