Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The truth doesn't always hurt

I was so excited to show off this little collage I made to my Mom. I knew she was going to ooohhh and awww over it and want to take it right home! But not this time. She took one look at it and said, "No, don't like it". I just immediately removed the offending artwork and got on with my business. Now I know my Mom thinks she hurt my feelings, but she didn't. You see I can appreciate that my Mom has an opinion and is honest. If you have ever watched the auditions for American Idol, there is inevitably some poor kid that is crushed and can't believe that they are bad singers! Well behind that kid is a mother who can't be honest! Being honest about what she thinks of what I make, makes me more trusting and accepting of her opinion. So think about that next time you are asked your opinion by someone that you love and trust (however I don't recommend this for those, "does this make me look fat?" situations!).
    So on to the offending collage. Personally I like it. It is very personal for me, I used my friend Andrea's word for the year "nurture" and I used one of my friend Michelle's trademarked red dennison labels. I used some of my favorite papers too. I like how it came out, and this is one piece of artwork I don't have to worry about my Mom stealing!
{this collage is the sample for a class I am going to do Called Collage Made Simple}

{love these labels!}

{I attached a twig with embroidery thread}

{used some upholstery trim to finish it off}

{some jute to hang it up}

{love this sweet bird!}
-Class info coming soon!


  1. Your mom is amazing. It is because of her honesty and support that you are great. And you are right; we should always care about how we answer when we are asked a question so that no one runs around thinking they are a superstar when they're not.

  2. Dude, Mom is hard core but she is honest. I am not the type to have an artful eye but, well, yeah, ummm, lets's just say Mom is Honest LOL!

  3. Well I love it! For what it's worth lol:)

  4. Well everyone had different taste but I personally think it's wonderful with all the textures and great colors you used!!

    Thanks sooo much for stopping by my food blog!!

    Sandy xox