Friday, April 8, 2011

I will punch you in the FACE if you buy another BUTTON!

This statement is of course said with all of the love in the world. It is the words of one crafty friend to another to spare her wasting money away on things she doesn't need. I first heard this little phrase at the Long Beach Flea Market shopping with my girls Annette and Earleen. It was said by Annette to Earleen, and has been repeated SEVERAL times since then. Why? Because we girls are addicted to buttons! Old, new, damaged, it really doesn't matter. The problem is, that we love buttons, we collect buttons, but we don't do shit with them.  They tend to sit in cute jars to be admired. Maybe every once in a while we might glue ONE to something.
     So after having lunch with my etsy friend Nan (check out her shop here, her jewelry is of impeccable quality) she showed me a sweet little spring themed bracelet made with buttons. I thought hmmmmm, I have buttons, a lot of buttons. Nan already taught me to wire wrap, I am going to make me some of those. Of course I put my own spin on them using a mix of old bracelet parts, new chain, old buttons, new buttons, charms and pieces of vintage costume jewelry. I am quite happy with the results. And now I find my place in the precarious position of running LOW on buttons, yes LOW on buttons! So Annette, Earleen take me off the banned from buying buttons list, it's ON!
{This one has a true mix of new and old. Also I love the big stone in the front, Nan gave it to me, I am sure it has some cool name but no exactly sure!}

{Orange, I am starting to like orange so much more, maybe because it looks so darn good with cream!}

{I am not a big fan of red, but this big vintage knot button was inspiring enough to make an entire red bracelet}

{I think this is one of my favorites! Although it has a lot of ewer buttons on it, the plastic clear ones with rhinestones just stand out}

{yellow, I loved the plastic white specked vintage buttons on this one. I also used a vintage costume jewelry bracelet, it was shiny gold but I put a patina on it that just came out great!}


  1. Okay here's the funny thing.... I DO use my buttons and I am constantly running out! I was just at the bead shop downtown today and bought a few gorgeous rhinestone ones that LOOK like vintage but of course they are not. I actually struggle with finding all the gorgeous vintage buttons that you girls seem to accumulate! haha I can only seem to find plastic and icky ones at the flea market. So please... sell me all your extra pretty buttons girls. lol!

  2. Oh Denise I have jars full of old ones and a LARGE box full of new ones. I always buy the jars full when I see them at the thrift stores. In fact just yesterday I bought an infant sweatshirt at a thrift store just for the rhinestone metal buttons. Its a sickness.....I think and I have it.

    I LOVE your you have a valid reason to buy more!! How fun is that???

    Im going to try to get to the fleamarket this month since last month we were stormed out. I had never been before.....and I think this is going to be another addiction. I didnt realize how close it really is to me.


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bracelets Denise! I have a big 'ole button fetish too!

    Happy Friday Girlie!

  4. Wow Denise you have outdone yourself! I love them all. What a great job! Thanks for the mention as well :) Nan

  5. Your bracelets are beautiful!!I wish you would do a tutorial on how to make these bracelets!! I have been collecting buttons for a long time--they are in bags in a drawer! They want to become bracelets!!