Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm ready for My Close up-Xyron Infomercial Debuts!

It seemed to be serendipity when I emailed my friend Karin Smolinski Aguirre to ask her if she would donate her time and talents for my Craft for a Cure event, and she said, OMG do you want to be in an Infomercial for the Xyron Creatopia? She told me it shoots on a Thursday (my regular day off) and you get a free machine with all the goodies! Heck yeah I am in! Here are the pics, it was so much fun, we felt like princesses for a day, having our hair done, getting our clothes picked out. Of course my hair and makeup was soooo far from my personal style, but it wasn't the "Denisetopia" machine, so I just sat back and enjoyed. Here are some pics, I have to run to work!
{Karin and her goodies, please pop over to karins blog where you can see more of her amazing creations at Creative Chaos}

{my samples}


{Karin pre make up}

{me pre make up}

{Karin after}

{getting my hair done}

{me after with the make up artist, she did my all of our eyebrows for us, and believe me mine were a mess. So bad that she took before and after pics of mine!}

{backstage monitors}

{the crew}

{the set}

{our projects....}

{me karin and gail. Karins friend Gail was so sweet and funny I can see why they have been friends for many many years}

{Karins closeup}

Well all in all it was a lot of fun., If you want to see us this Infomercial started playing Nationally. Today (4/12) It will be on the Food Network at 7am pacific time so tune in and watch us craft!! 


  1. EEEEk! How exciting for you! You look adorable (so does Karin!) I'm def gonna watch for you!

  2. WOWEEE you're FAMOUS!!! Congrats! How cool!!! Thanks also for stopping by my cooking blog :)

    Sandy xox

  3. OMG fabUlous Denise!! Looks like so much fun and both you girls look gorgeous! I was in an infomercial years ago! It was for Victoria Principal's products. A lot of fun!