Monday, April 4, 2011

Proof of Concept

As per Wikipedia:

proof of concept or a proof of principle is realization of a certain method or idea(s) to demonstrate its feasibility,[1] or a demonstration in principle, whose purpose is to verify that some concept or theory is probably capable of being useful. 

I bet you didn't know that with each and every workshop I hold, I have a Proof of Concept day. A day where I do my own workshop.... to see if it works!  I make sure to write down what tools and supplies I used, I also take note of dry time and what, if anything I should prepare in advance. And if I am really worried about how it will go, I make my Mom come over and do a test class. A few weeks ago I had my Mom come over and make a birdcage, I could tell that she was struggling with the initial wiring of the cage shut, so I made sure to be very specific on that part.  Today I worked on two POC's, one for my belt buckle classes already scheduled, and one for a NEW class I am looking forward to holding sometime, somewhere!
For my belt buckle class I wanted to make sure I was mixing my epoxy correctly and also how much epoxy should I mix; 2 drams will do just fine!
{I also played with the idea of making our own fabric belts in class, but as simple as it looked, that's a whole 'nother workshop!}

{Here she is, I mixed just a little too little, so now I know!}

So what about my new workshop project?... well maybe tomorrow I give you a sneak peek!

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