Thursday, September 30, 2010


Please join me this Saturday in Santa Ana California for Glitterfest! This event features a collection of creative folks who express their talent through mixed media art. It includes handmade jewelry, sculpture, primitive dolls, halloween & christmas items and much, much more! And for the first time I will not be shopping, but selling! Although I hardly doubt I wont buy anything! Here is a few last minute items I created. I saw these great blackboard sliver trays in a magazine a few years back and decided to make my own, but adding a little rhinestone bling of course! And above is a mixed media canvas I made. Hope to see you there, stop by and say hi to me and my Mom who is my fearless assistant, she helps me sell and keeps me from freaking out!


  1. Look at all your pretties you created?!! Love it!

    My daughter is running a cross country race in Yucaipa Saturday morning...hope we finish mid day...

    Hope to see you!
    Kay Ellen

  2. So purty!!! I'm thinking I might drop by Glitterfest this year...just to say hi!