Sunday, September 5, 2010


I think the best part of being in a community of artists, is meeting amazing friends with similar passions. Any time I have gone to an event I always make a concerted effort to meet someone new. Sometimes they become aquaintances that wave hello and catch up with when we see each other, but others have become more. You never know what it is about someone that draws you to them. Two of those "acquaintances" have become true friends; Annette Schwab and Earleen Coburn. They were so nice to host me over the weekend for our friend Maijas surprise birthday. I have a ton of pics from the party but wanted to dedicate this post to these beautiful girls I have the honor of calling true friends.
First is Earleen, she picked me up to the airport and we proceeded to directly crash  a scrapbooking convention and shop at their vendor area! It wasn't really like crashing though as everyone knew Earleeen! Then we rushed back to Earleens beautiful home and started setting up for Maijas birthday party and class.
{Earleens hubby Kevin used to cater so she had quite the set up}

{sangrias, and an amazing chocolate cake made by Annette, and adorable bundtini cakes! I ate like 10!}

{view from the top of Earleen dramatic staircase}
One of the things I loved about Earleens home is she has all of her scrapbook and altered art projects out on display. I wish I had taken more pictures, I will when I go back in December for another fun class and to stay with her. We spent the night at Earleens and got up early then next morning to rush over to Annettes to prepare for brunch and shopping!

{the lovely Annette and her delicious chocolate cake}

{Annette also has a beautiful home in Arizona, I loved the way it was decorated}
Annette also has two adorable dogs, they were so sweet and I felt so at home in her house. She also has a guest house outside that had become her studio. Okay a full guest house! Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and huge living room over looking her amazing pool. Why didn't I get pictures! Oh yeah, I don't think she would have let me, just like me, she considered her room a mess! It was a beautiful mess though!(and really not messy at all) I also got to stay in the princess of a bedroom. Luckily for me Annettes daughter Denim is away at college and I got to stay in the sweet suite! The bathroom reminded me of my
blue room! I was right at home!

So how did we end up befriending each other? I think some of the things that we all have in common is this sort of a relaxed easy going lifestyle, the love of our husbands and families, and our warped sense of humor. I thank them dearly for hosting me and can't wait to visit again. Thanks girls!-Denise


  1. What a special treat to wake up and read this!!! You are so so sweet. I am so happy we are friends also and can't wait to see you again!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful post!

  2. D - Wonderful article and loved all the fantastic pics. Food looks devine and home was gorgeous!

  3. What a wonderful post and pictures. Glad you have such wonderful friends.

  4. I love your posts, Denise, with wonderful events, pictures and comments. thanks so much for sharing,.

  5. All I can say is WOW!! Looks like so much fun. And you're right you should have taken more pictures:)

  6. What a lovely home! And isn't it nice to have bloggy friends all over the country?