Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shops I Love- Mystic Paper

{what greets you upon entering Mystic Paper in AZ}
One of the things I love about traveling is visiting new shops. Even if it's the "same" stuff I can find out here, there is something fascinating about being in a new environment. When I visited Arizona recently I got the chance to visit some really great stores, but the one I love the most was Mystic Paper, definitely not the "same" stuff! The shop itself had all of these vintage photos as wallpaper, it was decorated so lovely. Not only did they have a great selection of papers and ephemera (including the full line of Graphic 45 papers!), but they had great vignettes set up all around the shop, I found them to be very inspiring. In addition, for Maijas birthday they set up a make and take for us. A sweet little pipe cleaner trick or treater made with wool roving, so creative! But why tell you about this amazing shop, lets take a look (click on any picture to enlarge)!
{I loved the wood floors and the aprons strung up across the ceiling, lots of nooks and crannies to explore}

{a vignette filled with Halloween inspiration- this is the shop where I found my little plastic skeletons that I made into ornaments}

{here you can see all the vintage photos that covered the walls-top back left}

{here we are crowding around the make and take, they were also having a class going on downstairs}

{it was so fun to see everyones creations, the same supplies-but they all came out totally unique!}

{Sherry Bamseys sweet little chica}

{Kelly Snellings little Halloween princess!}

{my little treater on the top, and Earleens on the bottom it looks like Earleens girl is going to kick my girls ass!! LOL!}
I named my little one Carol Ann, as her arms remind me of Poltergeist! Carol Ann go to the light! And just in case you have no idea what I am talking about remember this?:


  1. I don't think I got a chance to see that store! I love how you and Earleen's dolls have such feisty characters :)I still can't get certain scenes of Poltergeist out of my head! Scary!

    Sand xo

  2. great shop and love these make and takes!