Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rose Bowl Flea Market Finds

Okay, I showed incredible restraint at the flea market today. Starting with not insisting on hitting the whole thing! (still recovering from my surgery and walking is not so much fun) And, as is the Murphys Law of junkin' I could not find what I really wanted, some vintage wooden domino pieces. But I did find a few other little pieces of joy. AND THE most amazing find! I used my secret flea market strategy (secret I said). I walk back and find this ziplock bag marked .50 cents. Now I will buy a bag of anything for .50 cents, but this bag seemed to have some vintage black lace in it. I KNOW this bag is not .50 cents, so I ask the guy, "hey is this really .50 cents?", he says no, it's $20, but I've had it forever so I'll take $10. SOLD!! So you wanna see what was in it? Here we go:
{about 3 yards of this delicate lace-looks like it was cut off the bottom of a slip or petticoat}

{about 3 yards of this delicate tulle lace}

{2 yard long pieces of this satin and lace trim}

{this beaded trim is so delicate and beautiful}

{more delicate beaded trim}

{I am not sure exactly what to call this, it is actually wired beaded trim, so it's very stiff and you can bend it into shape}

{I got two pieces of this, I love how you can see the stitching on the back that holds the large beads in}

{the second piece had two rows}

{about a yard each of these lovelies mixed in too}

{This is the bottom of the BAG!.....ohhh what could be in there?}

{uh...this! glass buttons, crocheted buttons, beaded buttons oh my!}

{and then all of these loose beads, some little round fabric ones, and a bunch of these glass ones below}

 Okay so it was a drool fest over these goodies. I went to the Vintage Clothing and Textile show a few months ago and you could barely buy a foot of vintage beaded trim for $10!  I know these finds will be making it into some of my Halloween creations. Oh and I got a few other things on my short trip:

{My mom found this big bag of mini Avon bottles for $3!  She was kind enough to let me have these ones}

{my little box obsession continues, these are 3x4 inch watch part boxes}

{okay I can never resist good Vintage Christmas!!, the cool box was a bonus!}

{These little pretties are only c.2003! But they had cute Vintage faces so I couldn't resist there little Halloween Costumes!}

Well that's all for the day, see I told you I was very restrained! I mean Long Beach Flea is next week? Wanna go?

Okay I got my craft mojo back and have two great shadow boxes for Halloween to show you soon, and Kathleen is coming over to help me with my soldering tomorrow can't wait!


  1. I call that a very successful day. I definitely want to see the pictures of what you make with the black lace... and I want to see those Halloween shadow boxes!


  2. Hi Denise~

    I found you through Kim Caldwell :)

    Nice to meet you! You really hit the jackpot with all these treasures....the lace is just gorgeous!

    Wishing you a lovely week,
    LuLu Kellogg

  3. What a haul!!!! That vintage lace is gorgeous!!!! Now I'm sorry I didn't go with you. I could have learned your secret flea market strategy--ha ha.

    See ya tomorrow---k

  4. Lucky girl...what a bargain! have fun creating with your new treasures :D

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