Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Captured" Shirley Soldered Box

I can't help it, I love Shirley Temple

 I don't know why the thought hasn't occurred to me until now to start using her in my art work. Shirley epitomizes all things girly, and I remember wanting nothing more than to be her when I was little. This is my first "captured" Shirley. I couldn't think of a better color then pink to start off with. I used a quote from Good Ship Lollipop for both the lettering on the pink paper and the words "some day I am going to fly". I used pre cut beveled glass purchased from Pacific Art Glass in Paramount and my soldering kit I got from this ETSY seller here.
Nice to have the creative juices flowing again! I have two new altered art halloween pieces to show later, but for now I have another Shirley to Capture!