Thursday, August 5, 2010

Craft Night ReCap

Okay I wish I had pictures to show, but I turned Julie loose with my camera, and she took like 100 pictures but when I went to review them I realized my memory card wasn't there! That was a downside to an otherwise wonderful evening crafting at the Vintage. I had a few wonderfully talented return visitors- Kathleen and Patty, and then 8 others! Including my new friend and fellow blogger Andrea Villareal. It was pretty tight with all of us in there and little warm, but that didn't stop this wonderful group from tackling a very difficult technique chain stitch binding a little book! I hope everyone returns for my next class which will be a very cute BOO banner for Halloween!


  1. Man that reminds me of my Daughter's first bath and my Niece took lots of pictures- not realizing the camera was in preview mode. I was so mad I had no pictures of it. I'm glad the class was a success!Have a great week!

    Sandy XOX

  2. OH want to come to the Boo Banner Class! Let me know when it is hope I can make it..


    Joy Campbell