Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kicking the Dogs Out of Bed

I think more then once during the 10 years my husband and I have been together, once of us has mentioned perhaps kicking the dogs out of our bed, but never have we followed through. Yes we sleep with two 80 lb pit bulls. We used to do this even before we had a queen bed! Tyler and I are both passionate dog lovers and for us we really love having our family together warm and snuggly every night. But recently it has become a problem. Temper is getting older and his health issues make it not good to have him in bed. And you just can't kick one out of bed, so Tyler told me, the time has come.. they have to go. It is especially hard for me because Temper is 14 years old and is dying of cancer. I want to make his time here as comfy and happy as possible. But when it comes down to it, Tylers happiness and comfort must come before Tempers. So it's been three nights and surprisingly Temper has taken to it very well. We tell him "no", he paces for a few then finds a new place to sleep. It's Juno that we are having problems with. She is very stealth, and quietly creeps back up after we have fallen asleep (part of the deal of keeping them out of bed, is letting them stay in the room) So there is more work to be done with her. I think I might buy some beds for them, something like a real bed that gets them off the floor and maybe closer to the actual bed. It has actually been hard for me to sleep the last few days, so hopefully the benefits will start to show and Tyler and I can wake up together without a dog taking up all the covers or squeezing us to the edge of the bed! It's still hard though....
{yes they own the couch too!}

{and this wing back chair}
However, I just love these dogs and if that means my house smells like a dog and I can't have nice furniture and a fancy house so be it. They brighten my day and I look forward to their love every time I walk through the door


  1. Our dog doesn't sleep in the bed, but sometimes I get him up on the bed for a little while--he is a small dog-a cairn terrier and it is amazing how much room even a small dog can take up in the bed!! i don't know how they manage to do it! My dog does love his dog bed, so hopefully if you get a bed or one of those big pillows, they will grow to love it too!

  2. Love the first pic:) Our house pretty much belongs to the dogs too. I had pictures of my planters on my blog you saw. But what I didn't show was the grass they have ruined or the hill the have demolished lol:) I pretty much get the concrete under the patio cover to enjoy!!

  3. OMG.. my dog sleeps on his back weird. Love your pics! Hugs Joy

  4. Cliche ... but, those are some "lucky dogs!"
    well loved and well taken care of!!
    Oh and very, very good looking ; )


  5. I know exactly how you feel about the dogs in the bed and there's only me. I am so sorry to hear about Temper.