Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Home- for a wayward birds nest

While at work one day (if you don't know already I manage a grocery store) My floral designer came and showed me a little surprise that came on her flower delivery. A lovely hydrangea, with a little secret hiding place inside... a real birds nest!! Carefully weaved right on to the center, we were all so surprised and amazed! I just had to have it, so I bought the plant and carefully dried the "nest flower". Now what to do with it? I wanted to incorporate the nest with the flower somehow and this is what I came up with.

I carefully picked each of the dried petal off and carefully glued them to the backer board. I then attached the nest in the center. It needed something else though....

So I created the work HOME and glittered it in german glass glitter, and then used a cool hat pin I got at French General (with my own glass glitter birdie addition) and voila! here it is in it's new HOME, my built in corner hutch.

Back to working on prep for my upcoming show at Patchwork!