Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary to my Honey

Although we've only been married two years, this marks our 9th year together. My husband Tyler is my best friend. We both have our good and bad qualities, but together we just seem to work. Total independent spirits that embrace our need to "do our own thing". Regardless of our independence we have this indelible need to be together... no matter what.
Me and Tyler in Thailand, I nearly killed him on this trip for disappearing for like 12 hours!! But cooler heads prevailed and we survived!
Our favorite together, but separate pastime. I hit the blues, he hits the double black diamonds. We meet for lunch, a perfect balance.
In Colorado at a concert in Breckenridge, we both dream of moving to Colorado and having some land....someday....
At the Summit of San Jacinto, we both have a love of the outdoors, and he has a garage full of gear to prove it.
At James and Angelicas wedding... look at that grey beard coming in, yes we are "growing old" together!

Happy Anniversary to my honey


  1. a super happy anniversary, denise- to you and tyler! have many more together---catch up with me and the old guy! you have 44 more to go! ;>)

    marilyn g

  2. Denise - you two sound great together. He is a cutie! Blessings to you both!

  3. Congratulations, Denise and Tyler! Wishing you happiness!


  4. Oh happy belated anniversary!! You guys are so cute together! I'm glad your sale went well! It helps that you have great weather too!

    Sandy xox