Monday, November 30, 2009

Patchwork Indie Craft Show- A beautiful Day

It was a great day at Patchwork, starting with the show being in my own backyard! The day was beautiful and I got there early enough to pull my car right up to my area, but when I got there, my area was looking a little tight! It seems there was some confusion about what a 5X5 space was. One of the vendors had called the organizers and said,"there is no such thing as a 5 foot table" and the organizer told her there would be a little extra space so that a 6 foot table would fit. However when we got there, we were packed liked sardines and there was only 5 feet of space! Anyway, there ended up being a last minute vendor cancellation and I got to move to a 10X10, so I was happy! I mean my hubby Tyler created this whole 5X5 booth set up for me, and there was no way I was not putting it up! So here it is in all of it's glory, my baby booth! Isn't it the cutest!?

I was interesting to see what sold differently at this event, as compared to my last one. At this event I sold all of my big pieces. Like this cool upcycled Starbucks display Christmas tree, that I decorated with vintage blue chip stamps and german glass glitter. The lady who bought it was a collector of Christmas trees and she really scrutinized this baby before she bought it! I was happy to see it go to a very cool mantle in Belmont Shore! I also sold several of what I call my Vint-cycled gift boxes. I Just rescue discarded gift tins from the thrift store and use vintage pieces I get at the antique and flea market or ebay, and put it all together. Then the box can be used as a gift box and a decoration. Like this cutie to the left, I made her with a vintage jewelry box found at a thrift store in Colorado. Why is it that it always seems like you find cooler things in another state?
I will hopefully be getting back to Colorado in January to get in some skiing and thrift store shopping!
Another of my most popular items was my Clothespin Angel Kit. I created a kit that makes 8 angels. What I love about the kit is, that a lot of Moms and daughters pick them out to make together. That of course is that is how I became crafty, doing things with my Mom! It is such a good feeling to see that craftyness being perpetuated. I did have a request to post a pic of a made angel so here it is:
What's great about this little kit is that you can make it as simple as the one above, or really go all out and paint the clothespin, glitter the wings, put jewels on them ect. The tassel hair is just to die for!! And the ideas endless.
I also had a few friends stop buy. The lovely and talented silk scarf painter Becke from OveanAvenueSilks at etsy, came by to say hi, and even bought one of my upcycled trees! We are members of an esty team called California Crafters of Etsy (CCCOE). And here Becke holds up the most adorable little shirt she bought at another CCCOE members booth, I can't remember the name though, let me know Becke!(Kate Emerson Designs) Wendy from Pup and Pony and her beautiful daughter also stopped by.
I also saw Kelli Johnson who runs the Sunday Farmers Market in Long Beach. They are going to start having crafters there, so I am very excited about being a part of it! There were also some other team members at the event. The lovely Amanda from Amy May Design at etsy, she was one of the squeezed in booths, but she stood her ground and the other vendor ended up moving!

There was also the lifsaver from LuckyFindDesigns at esty, Kayte! She is also a member of CCCOE and I didn't even know it! It was a wonderful day with wonderful people and I really want to thank my Mom for helping me. She lived the greater part of her life selling appliances and now that she is retired she comes and helps me sell my goodies (and hers too!) Thanks Mom!


  1. You have a very cool looking set-up! Great pictures, thanks for posting this!

  2. awesome booth and great pics! looks like you had a wonderful time... glad it was a success!

  3. Awesome! You did great and had a lot of fun it sounds like! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey It's Feanna from Kait Emerson Designs.. We didn't get a chance to meet. Thanks for the mention above.. Glad you also had a great time @ Patchwork. It was such a beautiful day and I had a blast; Love meeting new friends..

  5. Your booth looked great in that 10X10 spot! Glad it all worked out:)

    It really was a great show in a great location! I really hope they do it again, the people were great:)

  6. We were one of the moms and daughters that bought the angel kit. They are so precious and I hope to do the craft for years to come. Thank you!