Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fun-Raiser Event Pics!

Well I had a very successful Breast Cancer Fundraiser. I was going to have it at The Vintage Emporium, but I wanted to feed everyone and Julie just doesn't have the room amongst all of her treasures! Thank you to those who attended, we had a great time sipping wine and making little mini books!
Here's my MOM- survivor herself!

And the Wonderfully talented Marilyn of

Stephanie, she likes to hoard supplies! If you need something, just look in front of Steph!

And Paula, her first time, how cute!

Here are some of the cute mini books we all made:


  1. How fun! The books turned out amazing!

  2. Denise - how fun was that! I wish I could have been there! The books look great!

  3. Looks SO fun!!! That book is ridiculously cute and I love how busy everyone looks! :-)

    Big hugs,

    PS...NO idea what's with the "from"'s me...michelle geller!

  4. Hey Michelle! yes interesting from name you have there!

  5. Happy Halloween, The books look so great!