Friday, October 16, 2009

Birds, Birds, Birds!

I have a very early childhood memory of playing with these little birds my Grandma Margaret got out on Christmas to decorate with. They were all in little outfits and I liked matching them up with partners! So I asked my Mom if she remembered the birds and how to make them. She called my Aunt Sharon and sure enough my auntie not only had the original birds, but she still had all of the goodies to make them! Now I am talking 55-60 year old craft goodies; vintage pipe cleaner, vintage mink coat fabric, vintage silks and plaids! This is them in a box in all sorts of condition, from excellent, to in bad need of repair. My Mom has them all fixed up now, and now we are making our own versions mixing vintage and modern embellishments. Here are my regal pair in aubergine! She in her mink coat and all! What a wonderful discovery! I am sure my auntie meant to take those birdies out and make more, she didn't realize it would be 60 years later!-Denise


  1. What a great childhood memory that you could revisit!

  2. Denise - how very fun that must have been! Your pair are adorable!