Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweet Recognition

So I made this cute little album for my friend Lana to put her vacation memories from Germany in. I collect coasters and Lana has taken up collecting them for me. She brought me this amazing bunch of coasters from all the German Brew Hauses, so I couldn't think of a better way to thank her then making her something special with them. I had recently purchased this book called "Re-Bound" and saw a darling little coaster album made in there and decided to use that for inspiration (aka copy!) It came out so cute I decided to put it up on esty as an example of my work. That was a few months ago and today I got this email:


I'm the author of the book "Re-Bound" and just found your amazing coaster book on Etsy. The book is gorgeous!! I love how you did the accordion pages, how you used different color ribbons for the piano hinge, and how you decorated the cover. You even found a beer called "Binding"! Truly, this completely made my day, and thank you so much for the mention of the book in the listing. That was very kind.

So how cool is that? She is having a workshop in Santa Monica on Nov 7th. I might try to make it! This just made my day!
Here are more pics the album:

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