Monday, April 2, 2012

Crafty Round Robin Day at Mom's

I have this great group of creative girlfriends. Most of the time when we get to see each other it is at an art event and we are always whining about all of the unfinished projects we have at home (as we sit and create new ones!).  I am not sure who came up with the idea but it was decided we would have a once a month get together to work on some of those unfinished projects! So our crafty Round Robin was born. We do everything from sit and gab, to go on local shopping trips, to work on mini-projects the hostess creates, oh yeah, and every once in a while we actually work on unfinished projects! March was my month, and just my luck the one mandatory Sunday I have to work every month! Oh well I have a very understanding boss and even if he didn't know what crafty round robin day was...he relented! Here are a few pics from the day.
{the hostess usually gives a little gift to everyone for coming. This is a dollar store scented candle, with a label made with Graphics from The Graphics Fairy, glitter tape from Michaels, ribbon and lace hot glued to the top, and little punched out personalized tag}

{arghh my daffodils didn't open all the way, but by the end of the day they were fully bloomed. I love daffodils they remind me of when Gene Wilder bites the candy daffodil teacup in Willy Wonka}

{These are the CUTEST mini doughnuts from Winchells. Almost too cute to eat. ALMOST}

{Moms house. My house is too small, and Pippi and Juno can be quite a handful to new friends}

{I just love Moms house, I grew up here, it will always be HOME}

{this was the mini project I taught. Just some wire, trim and beads. So quick and fun to create. I got the idea from Lori Dillard who saw my work in Jewelry Affaire  and we just got to chatting over etsy convo one night. Check her etsy out here.

{You can see how everyones reflected their style}

{chatting and creating away....till next month girls}


  1. I love the bracelets! Any chance of a mini tutorial? Looking forward to seeing you at the French General in a few weeks! ~Amy

    1. Hey Amy, I think I could swing that! But I have an even better idea. I will demo it at French General and you can make on of your own!

  2. Love the grand daughter Karissa would love that to be a Grannie and her project..will have to check out what we need...thank you so much for caring & sharing

  3. Thank you for the detailed master-class