Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bathroom Remodel Before

Yes, we finally decided to do it. Me and hubby live in a very cute 2 bedroom 1 bath home that was built in 1939. Coved ceilings, hardwood floors all of those charming details one loves in a "vintage" home. But with that comes lathe and plaster walls, bad plumbing and even worse electrical. Luckily for me my husband does construction and is a jack of all trades. He has already redone our kitchen and I love every other room, but our bathroom is... hideous! Let me start by saying that I do find the salmon pink tub and the matching green and salmon tile charming, and I could probably make it work, but the cabinet is falling apart, and the shower doors are a wreck and lets face it, the plumbing just needs updating. Suprisingly things have gone fairly smoothly, we don't really argue too much about design ideas. I actually appreciate he has an opinion. The arguments come from the process. If you could see that disaster in my house right now, you would scream. Tyler has brought half the garage into my kitchen, dining room and hallway. I mean I KNOW I am a messy person, so I have no place to be critical of his process, but this is going to grate on me as I am pretty sure this will take like 6 weeks to get done. Here is are my before pictures, and hopefully unlike my craft room before pics, this one WILL get done.
{I love how he just dove in with the grinder without giving me any chance to get my stuff out! argghhhh}

{this is the potty alcove-note the prior unfinished walls from repairs. Note that we tore off the cabinet doors because the were falling off!}

{I didnt get to get a shot of the ugly shower doors, but you can imagine! The tile is a lovel teal speckeled with white}

{again, Tyler move the shampoo out before you start working! I will be bathing in this in a few short hours}

{the falling apart corner vanity. Part of the project is to remove that corner angle and making it just a straight wall}

{June Bug always has to be in the center of everything! But this pic is to show you the LOVELY green faux marble tile-this floor has GO TO GO!}

{our window with 73 years of paint glommed on it- this will be replaced}

{hmmm what doesn't belong here? Yes! the grinder and the plaster dust-yes that is my flat iron, my curling iron, my hairbrush, and out of the shot my toothbrush!- Now you know what I mean about arguing about the process!}

{A parting shot}
Goodbye ugly bathroom. Hello new bathroom, Here is the plan so far: White subway tile in shower, white and black octagon tile floor, dark cherry wood vanity with white marble top, cool vintage vanity mirror, sconces, new over the toilet cabinet, recessed lighting on dimmers, dark bronze finish faucets, new extra deep tub, pale blue walls, more outlets. I will post some progression pics and you can join in on the fun!


  1. can't wait to see the future pictures!

  2. I am laughing only because your husband sounds like my dad! He used to drive my mother crazy. He would dive right in before she had a chance to "save" anything! He was a jack of all trades, too, but his planning skills were horribe! I hope your new bath is worth it!!!

  3. Wow! you made a beautiful renovation to your bathroom. It will be more beautiful if you will put some accessories to it that will enhance its beauty.

  4. Haha! Your husband is funny. He must have been really excited to do the renovation that’s why he forgot to remove your things. :D I’m sure he didn’t let anything bad happen to your precious stuff. Anyway, I’m happy for the success of the remodeling. It’s good that you both decided to fix your bathroom problems as soon as possible. It’s really important to maintain its cleanliness. Congratulations and good job!

    Herb Koguchi

  5. Good move on remodeling your bathroom, Denise! It’s been months since you posted this, I’m a little curious how it looks now. Like yours, our house is a little old too. Some parts of the house were past their prime, especially the bathroom, so we decided to do some reno and remodeling. And it definitely did wonders to our house! Hope to see pics of your new bathroom! By the way, your work looks terrific! [

  6. Hmm, I’m sure you fell in love with your husband even more after all the things he did for this renovation. :’) He was awesome because he did everything from plumbing to electrical work. I wonder if you gave him a reward after you finished the remodeling project. Hehe. Well, he deserves it and you must be given some credit here too -- you also did your best to make your bathroom more beautiful!