Thursday, April 12, 2012

Audrey Paper Dolls and Table Gifts

Even though I vowed not to overwhelm myself with swaps for the upcoming Affaire at Tiffanys event, I still ended up doing 4! Some of the ladies are in like 8-9 and that's just plain crazy! I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in all of the excitement, then you are sitting there going I have to make 15 what???  I remember when I saw my first swap at the first event I attended. All I know was that there were a lot of oohhhhs and ahhhs, squeals of joy and palpable excitement! Over what? Well someone from the event hosts a swap and sets parameters and matches up people together to create a piece of art that will be swapped with another attendee. Some swaps are on on one, others you make multiples and get multiples back, others are group participating where you send your item to the hostess and she assembles everyones pieces into something amazing! Another little sweet thing that happens at these events, is you give and get table gifts for all of the girls at your table. Now if you are going.....these little gifts are not mandatory so don't feel obligated!
       So I reallly want to keep my swaps a surprise (especially since I have not made ONE of them!) but since my friend Holly shared her Audrey paper doll swap on her blog, I thought I'd put mine up too! I joined this swap not because of the project, but because I love the hostess Sherry Williams, such a kind and sweet hearted lady I can't wait to hang around her amazing energy soon!
{I started with a nekkid vintage paper doll. I totally screwed up though. Sherry told us to make our dolls between 4-8 inches, but I made my body 8 inches! After I photoshopped her head on, she is now 10 inches! Eeek the Audrey that ate Manhatten Beach! Oh well!}

{here they are dressed in all their glory! complete with a tiny Tiffany & Co bag!}

{This tiny bag was no joke to make! I did it by printing the logo super tiny, then putting it around a domino and wrapped it like a half present. Then punched holes and ran cotton string through it, just like the real bag. Thank god we only had to make 3!}

{to top her off I cut out a bodice of glitter cardstock then layered black lace over the top. Strung some tiny pearls, glued on a hip rhinestone belt,  and added her scarf made from wired ribbon}

{the dress was made by layering polka dot crepe paper and lace onto a black cardstock base. I then used Smootch Glitz from clearsnap on the edges for extra sparkle!}

{for my Table Mate gifts I glammed up a little Tiara comb with a vintage millinery flower and the girls names}

{I then wrapped them in a replica Tiffany box with their trademark white satin ribbon. I just took my real live Tiffany box down to the craft store and found this Coredinations Foundations cardstock in Citrus Teal to be extremely close to the actual color. I then used a score board to make the 3x3 boxes.}
This has been such a fun week of creating. Sometimes we can get into slumps and having a swap to guide and inspire you is all you need to get your crafty mojo going! After the event I will post my other swaps i want there to be a little surprise!


  1. Oh my goodness, you sweet girl! These are beautiful beyond words! You are such a talented girl! Can't wait to see you again!


  2. Love love love Denise! Awesome! xo

  3. Girl..the intricate work is the crepe paper ruffle lace for the bottom of the dress and the lacey top and scarf. the precious Tiffany. I can go on..I would have had giggly fun making these as I put them together. And the precious little crown in the box. Love it all..You out did yourself young lady..great work.

  4. Denise.... I adore this paper doll! You are amazingly creative! I have my tiara done for your swap and now am moving onto the next one! Thanks for inspiring me this morning... great way to wake up!!

  5. love. love this paper doll!!

  6. Love the way your creative mind works!!

  7. Your creations are fabulous ! Can't wait to see you at the event.

  8. Her skirt and bag are just amazing. Great job!!!

    Sandy xox