Monday, March 5, 2012

Graphic 45 Design Team- I made the Top 30!

     Okay, so I was feeling really good about the projects I submitted for the Graphic 45 Design Team call...then I started looking at other artists entries, and was like, BLOWN away! There are so many creative people out there, I don't know how the folks at G45 could have narrowed it down! But narrow they did, and fortunately I made the top 30! Now on to the second part of the audition where they narrow it down to I think 7- but they allow last years designers to reapply, so who knows how many new designers they will choose! I just hope I am one of them. I have to send in three projects, or email 3 videos. I really want to do a mix though, so maybe two live projects and one video. You may not know this but before I got into crafting, I was quite into movie making. I made amazing videos for my employees that they just loved and also made some pretty intense vacation videos, so I am very excited to make more crafty ones. I have this great idea for a stop motion intro so I have been googling tutorials all day! We will see how that goes!
     My trips to Tahoe and Colorado were great. I love the snow and cold weather. Getting to see a lot of friends, sticking my tongue out and catching snowflakes, ice skating on an iced over pond! For me winter is the best season of the year, and of course if you live in a snowy climate you probably think I am crazy! But live near the beach for 40+ years and you too would tire of it!
Well off to ONCE AGAIN clean up my disaster of a studio and get it camera ready!
Wish me luck!


  1. Congrats, Denise! I knew you would do well. Continued good wishes for making the G45 team!

  2. Congratulations Denise, I read your blog constantly and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all that you do. Continue your great work and I'm sure you will be picked. I can't imagine that there others that are better than you!! Good luck in your next round, break a leg, so to speak!!