Sunday, March 11, 2012

Brown Bag Gift

If you read this blog you are most likely a crafty person! And if you are like me, it just PAINS me to buy a greeting card for $3.95 and a gift bag for $1.99 when I need to wrap up something last minute! I vowed this year, all gifts get hand made packaging. A perfect opportunity came up when I found out it was my friend Jamies Birthday. I found out we were getting together last minute so I went to work right away making a little piece of art for her. But now to package it. I just grabbed a brown paper bag, my stamps, embossing powder, scalloped scissors, a piece of lace, a piece of seam biding, a rhinestone straight pin, and a Graphic 45 tag from their Fashionista collection. And voila! A brown paper bag never looked so good! Now after I typed that all out it seems like a lot of stuff, but everything was right there out in the open ready to grab and it only too a few minutes.
{I always have brown lunch bags around for storage, glittering things ect.}

{Jamie is a a jewelry Fashionista check her out here at Simply Me Art. I used the rhinestone straight pin- you can get these at Floral Supply Syndicate }

{A gift is always so much better when personalized, grabbed this letter J and a little laurel stamp. i used black embossing powder, which makes it pop off the bag}
How to:  
-make sure you fully open the bag and make light pencil marks where you want to stamp and stamp away.
-close the bag and trim the top with scalloped scissors
-use a straight pin or hat pin and tie a bow with trim around it
-put in your gift and seal it up with a die cut tag or make one of your own


  1. Beautiful gift wrapping - such a clever idea.

  2. Linking to your pretty gift bag on my blog today: